30/366: alicia

Sher, Alicia & I.

We hung out in Pappa Rich @ SS15, with a surprise cake to celebrate Alicia's belated birthday wee !

Hilarious moment when Sher and I didn't know how to use a lighter, therefore postponing the cake session. & after where Paul and I had a hard time lighting the candles too ! Hahaha.

A good catching up / chatting session.

Anyway, dear Alicia, you're 19 now ! May you have a fantastic year ahead, despite whatever that comes your way ! Love you more than you know.


photo thanks to paul
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28/366: creativity

Such a cute and creative thing to do right ?
Hehe. My youngest brother did it with the leftover Arrowhead (ngaku) !

In fact he even did a whole series of words linked with it ! Hahaha.

His creativity amazes me.
I have so much hope for this generation, really. Would you believe in the little ones too?

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27/366: ngaku

Spent 2 hours cutting the stem, and removing the stems of the above called "ngaku" in Cantonese.

While working on it I was watching Titanic with my youngest brother.

This movie never ever fails to make me tear up at almost every scene at the end, always leaving me a feeling that I have to appreciate everyone in my life so much more, because I am blessed. And so are you!

Also, to never despise anyone poorer or richer than I am.

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26/366: mamak

Had some quality time eating dinner with my younger brother and my dad at a Mamak near our house!

I can never express my love for Malaysian food.

The grass is always greener at the other side, but the food is always yummier at this side ;) 


Malaysians, please always remember your roots.
No matter where you attempt to migrate, from the core of your heart you shall always remember that you are still grounded to this land that I call home, sweet, home.

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25/366: banks

My first debit card.

Went to HSBC to bank in some money today.

I pondered a while.
I'm growing up. I need to manage my finance. I cannot just simply splash my parents' money.
I want to earn (or get) money, not for the love of money. But just so I can use my own money, to spend, for my education, and to shower the people I love with gifts.............. Does anyone out there share the same thinking as me?


I am grateful to God, and want to share of His goodness.

Last December, when I wanted to buy some Christmas gifts which was expensive, I barely had any money and did not want to ask my parents. Days later, my aunt gave me an Angpau out of the blue to reward me for my results. I was so amazed as the amount was RM200 (that's a lot to me!).

About another week after, a close friend of my mum gave me RM100 for my birthday; all this came in so unexpectedly and it made me soooo happy as I could buy gifts to shower some loved ones during the last days of 2011.

God is great, indeed ! :')

And yes, I gave offering with a cheerful heart !

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24/366: malacca

Malacca is an AMAZING tourist site, I'm so sure.

Due to tiredness/laziness/lack of time we did not really managed to visit much places, yet with what's able: we ate fantastic food, had funny walks, and bought stuffs that made everyone happy !
Jonker street is like shopping heaven, ohmyyyyyy.

I have to have to have to have to go back to Malacca !

And the next time I do, I'll prepare proper (and comfortable) tourist outfits: Breathable tops, short shorts, comfy sneakers, cap, sports bra, sunscreen, small sling bags................... !Can't wait !

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23/366: CNY.adventure

1st day of Chinese New Year.
My family travelled for the first time during CNY, and it ended up becoming an amusing road adventure.

We were heading to Malacca, then the car had some issues on the highway.
Ended up having to have our car tolled (as you can see the picture shows us enjoying our first toll ride together, ever), and to leave our car in a Senawang workshop, thence renting a manual car to continue our journey.

Reached Malacca, checked into Mahkota Apartment/Hotels, and dinner was served around 9pm.

Amusing day indeed, and by God's grace and favor we were all safe and sound.
Thank You.

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22/366: reunion

This year's Chinese New Year reunion dinner was different.

For the first time in my 19 years of existence, we went out to a restaurant to celebrate, instead of staying home and enjoying tons of home cook delicacies.

The absence of my late grandfather (for the first time ever) during Chinese New Year really makes a difference.

I miss him. I miss him so much.

But nevertheless, I know he's in a better place, and that he shall always, always be remembered in every of our Chinese New Year reunion dinners :')

Happy Chinese New Year ! May 2012 be a prosperous, healthy, and huat year indeed !

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20/366: delight

  1. Fruitful last (or second) day at work.
  2. Yummy Korean BBQ dinner @ Da Sa Rang.... oh my I'm too in love with Korean food!!!
  3. Delighted time in Younified (my church's youth meeting) tonight, I'm touched by God once again, He's amazing!
photo thanks to Paul 
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19/366: job


So basically I've worked today, and will be working tomorrow for a super random job (yes, only 2 days).


It was a random opportunity, and I accepted it for the experience.

Got reminded by March 2011 where I got my first full time job (or any job ever) by working at Maxis, as a Credit Control Analyst, to call up customers who has overdue Broadband payment. I actually went through more training than giving calls myself (as I left the job not long after for college), hence the experience of just learning from the senior colleagues was really, fulfilling. Corporate working environment is really different.

Back to the job.... I had fun. I had free coke. I had nice guidance. I enjoyed listening to random ring tones.
Although in the beginning I feared, at the end I.... became a master. 

yes, i am now a master.


photo thanks to Paul
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18/366: harsh

The above depicts what my day was like.

The girl is me: on one hand I hold a broken heart of my close friends', and on the other I hold a question mark as I don't know what in the world the heart breaker intentions' is. Whatever his intention is, I so don't agree.

My legs are quavering upon the shaking sea, as I stumble back and forth between the harsh realities of life.
Still, the bright sun shines upon me; reminding me that light overpowers the darkness, forever.

The small icons are what I've seen through my eyes today:
  1. A close friend of mine whom got her heart so broken, by someone I used to respect with all my heart. Now I don't even want to look at him anymore.
  2. A sinking friendship that I tried to save, but I can't anymore.
  3. Life is fragile. Visiting a sick patient in the hospital today remind me of my late grandfather who moved on from life due to a stroke last year. I cried.
  4. I can't stand a love of half the heart which is bigger, and the other smaller. It's just weird. I need to learn how to accept.
  5. If you see closely, you can see a "cross" in the background.
    Despite everything that happens, I'm still comforted by Jesus who never fails me. A university offer from Sydney U came today, and I'm really soooo happy about it.
    Plus I am grateful today for Paul who talked to me through the day, and Sam who sat a bus with me back from Pyramid. Grateful till after death.

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17/166: messy

Welcome to ze messy chamber of Claire.

As you can see, it's about 6 something now.. and my room is still messy.

The plan to clean it up since morning, has only amount to 5% success.

I'm a typical OCD person... if I clean, I'll clean till every part is perfectly fine.
If I don't.... I'll just leave the room until the time necessary to enter (bed time).

Such a bad habit right?
Okay, 2012 is a year where I must break it.

Happy Tuesday Night everyone ! :p 

(the randomness)

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16/366: passion

What is your passion?

Or what do you perceive to be something worth the fight for?

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." - Matthew 6:22


This morning, my beautiful friend in the picture above made this recent picture I took to be her profile picture. I posted " too much joy when a picture i capture turns out beautiful ! :') " as my status then.

Because it's true, I really find joy in taking pictures that make me feel satisfied, joyful and accomplished. Yet in addition, I also have a strong passion for music, for graphic designing.... and even law.


On the other hand, I thank God for my 1st university offer today. It will be a hard time to decide. But isn't it common that some of the most important things in life throws us hard times upon the final decision? Just so we will take the step that we are assured to not be "the road not taken" ?

But take heart, have a light burden, and just believe.

Cheers to our future, which we are destined to succeed.

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15/366: believe

January 15th, 2012.

Going to Sunday Services remind me of how Great God is.

Sometimes it's hard for me to talk about it, but most of the time I'm hyper, happy, jumpy, delighted, blessed; and it's all because of the greatness of God.

As real as I can guarantee, Jesus is real and He definitely wants to have an intimate relationship with you.

Not being preachy, but just being honest about something that I am assured of ! :')

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14/366: cookies

Spend the whole Saturday afternoon baking cookies for Chinese New Year at Carolynn's.

With her mum, aunt, and herself ! A delightful experience as I don't really bake in reality. It was fun being the oven timekeeper, and it was funny when our first batch of cookies turned out differently than expected.

From measuring ingredients, to mixing, waiting, slicing, baking.... everything was fun to me. I shall bug my daddy to buy an oven, hehehe.

Her family is all so warm and cheerful. Memorable experience indeed !

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13/366: foster

photo credits to Carolynn!

- I went to my 2nd concert of the year: FOSTER THE PEOPLE'S !!!!!

It was INCREDIBLE. My amazing friend above, Carolynn Kwan got 2 tickets free as a birthday present, and she was sooooo nice to bring me along! Plus her tickets were for Fanatic Zone (the zone closest to the stage, woohoo!)

To paint their song title on the tops above is also her AWESOME pawsome idea heheh ! I bet everyone knows Pumped Up Kicks ? My favorite song of theirs is actually I Would Do Anything For You yet it was too long, hence my 2nd favorite song (that only make it to the bonus edition of their album): Broken Jaw. When they played that song live, Carolynn and I were literally HYPED as we did not expect that coming! Such a beautiful moment.

After the whole concert, a stranger even asked to take a picture of us (identified as FTP fans, heh) because he wants to tweet about it. I even randomly found his tweet, and his blogpost !

Foster The People sounded AMAZING live, I found no flaws in the music they were playing, and Mark Foster's voice was as real as it can get. Plus, he's as adorable as he can look, hehehe. The only bummer is that as Carolynn and I were not that tall, therefore most of the time we were blocked by all the tall dudes and ladies in front of us! The crowd is as crazy as it gets, loads of pushing, domino effects, and at point I even fell (yet I thought it was funny).

Bumped into a few friends there, including my first ex boyfriend which I haven't met in 4 years, hahaha. Finally, a million thank you once again to Ms Awesomest Carolynn Kwan ! 

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10/366: bookselling

Today, I sold books with Paul and a bunch of college mates: Double parked for a few hours(as much as I dislike committing a minor illegal act)(dedicated ex-legal studies student, heh). Because apparently when we reached at 7 early AM, the whole stretch outside college was parked by cars! Le sigh right? Unbelievable?

Anyways... I was having an amusing dream... till my house phone placed directly beside my bed rang! Paul giving a wake-up call to me at 6am as I really need to get ready and going!

Reached at 7... initially selling at the bench outside college yet were shooed by the guards......... hence we have to come up with the "double park selling books scheme"....!

7am - 3pm plus: Sold 60% of the books (most are my friends') !
Super delighted as I never imagined being able to sell that much on the first day! You have no idea how many piles of books is with me, haha.

My goal is just to finish selling all the books, to maximize appropriate profit, suit consumers' interest, and be satisfied ! hehehe. Super grateful with other college mates that can tally together, share customers and share the "joy" of selling books. It's really a, new, experience.

Tomorrow: The final war begins!
"SAM BOOKS FOR SALE !" :D ....................... "lelong lelong !"

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8/366: laura

She's from KK (Sabah), I'm from KL.
I'm a December baby, she's a January baby.
I stole this picture, and I think she won't mind.
She is Laura, and I am Claire.

Hehehe. Just one of the most amazing people I'm blessed to have met in my life!
College brought us together, and since college is over we're apart. Super glad that random holidays like her visiting Genting, then hopping over to KL, allows us to meet again! First time in 2012, did you realize Laura? Hehehe.

One of the funniest thing is that we won't like it if either of us have changed.
Isn't it good to have close friend(s) to keep you grounded? *winks

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7/366: local_music

(photo thanks to Paul)

Just came back from Twisties Superstarz Grand Finale Concert !
Went there to support an awesome friend of mine, Nick Ng who made it to the finals!
He sang Sunday Morning and the classic Man In The Mirror which wooed the crowd!
Plus, my dear Julia who sang back-up for him! Hehehe.

I was suppose to go to another production in the afternoon but due to the need to take a train and monorail to finally reach KL Live, I had no choice but to forgo the other event, but really I appreciate my friend who invited me to that event that I missed!

Nevertheless, I knew why I had to be in the concert, it. was. amazing!
I believe God wanted me to be inspired by every person who performed on the stage tonight!
Just listening to the different genres of finalists comprising of soloists and bands (pop, rock, pop rock, pop punk, rap etc.) was soooooooo sweeeeeet ! I loved the atmosphere.
The emcees were great ! First time seeing Jinn from and VJ Holly, in my opinion they are both so handsome and beautiful and tall in real life ! Plus Jinn's emceeing skills is really, really solid. Respect.

Although at times I did not display my enthusiasm of pumping my fist in the air, or by jumping etc., but I really enjoy seeing my local people belting their hearts out, singing their lungs out, with music from all genres that I totally adore!

Today, I finally learnt how to sit train and monorail to KL Sentral, or Bukit Bintang, and to reach KL Live!
Today, I had an adventure getting lost around my own KL with Paul and Sze Jie, hehehe.
Today, I literally screamed my lungs out to support Nick, Julia, and Jeremy!
Today, I enjoyed laughing at random moments with Felicia.
Today, I was happy to meet so many high school friends again.
Today, I realize I have to support local music more.

First concert of the year, interesting indeed !
2012, to a year fill with exploring music, music, and music.

" music resonates with everyone, which is why we call it the "universal language". and every day i thank God that i'm a part of that language. " - hayley williams

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6/366: award

Today I received my 1st and final award from Taylor's.

I'm immensely grateful for all my lecturers who have helped me throughout the 7-8 month journey last year, especially the lady in the background! She's my economic lecturer, and honestly she cared for me in ways that I did not expect. It was such a joy to see, hug, and talk to her today!

I couldn't have done it with the best class I could ever ask for! M3 ! 
Sigh, sitting there was a bummer as I thought bout Carolynn and Jia Yun, who's scores are in borderline extreme close to mine and also to be able to qualify for the award ceremony! I also missed Cai Ling and Li Lan as I know for sure those two deserve it! Although they didn't get it, but they almost got it, and they won the smartest students in my heart, hehehe.

Plus my whole M3, definitely, really it felt so lonely without you all there!!! Because in my memories, my whole college life was awesome because of every 15 of you at the end, plus the 3 who left us!

Although some of you did not get the results you wanted, and claimed that it was horrible; I still wanna give you all the biggest hug and say, "We still have Uni to prove our capabilities yo! ;D"

[ ---> M3, this blog post is too short to describe my real feelings about all of you, sigh! ]


On the other hand, award ceremony made me felt inferior and paiseh as I sat at the 3rd row from the back. I'm not complaining, as someone beside me agreed too. Yes, everyones' seating was according to ATAR, (lowest to highest: from back to front), and of course the back is starting from 90.00, therefore me at the back!

Watching people grab those merit awards, I sigh too as it was somehow a hope, that was buried to the ground.

90.55, not enough to pursue my dream degree at my dream uni, yet.
90.55, not enough for me to obtain a scholarship of my dreams.
90.55, not enough to make my parents absolutely happy. 
90.55, giving me what I deserve as I know I could have study harder still.
90.55, gave me the improvement I had since SPM.
90.55, giving me the best motivation to excel for sure in Uni.
90.55, miraculously allowing me to obtain a similar ATAR (honestly, who gets the same ATAR with 2 people they know? heh) with someone so close to me, and also with another person who used to be close to me.

Dear God, thank you for 2011, thank you for M3, thank you for my final grade, I'm still eternally grateful :')

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5/366: waterfall

"i turn the music up, i got my records on; i shut the world outside, until the lights come on..."
i'll be so cold today without coldplay.
i'll be so emotionless without music.
i'll be so empty without Jesus.
i'll be so dark without self-control.
i'll be so boring without confidence.

suffice to say,
Coldplay made me smile today (along with a truckload of other bands on a daily basis);
i search for music according to my mood, i can't ever live without music;
Jesus fills my cup, i won't even be alive anymore, this moment, if not for Him;
i've managed self-control long enough to not become someone everyone will never recognize;
and i've forced myself to build up confidence to be where i am today.

today was another gloomy, yet sunny day in a way.
bittersweet, bittersweet.

"you can hurt, hurt me bad, but still i'll raise...... the flag!"

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4/366: sink

[excerpt from the past] 
" How do you forget someone that gave you so much to remember....? "
"You just can't. You can let go but you can never forget. "

[current excerpt] 
" How do you forgive someone dear to your heart, and how do you forgive yourself......? " 
"You just have to."

Dwelling or sinking in emotions is the last thing I need now.
First moment of not being happy in 2012, today.

The quote in the picture, "You've got to put the past behind you before you can move on" helped me so much when I picked it up last year from a basket of similar hopeful quotes, intending to pour hopes to people who picked it up! Organised by Welfare and Counselling Department of my college.

I suppose, there is a time to float, and there is also a time to sink.
And so happens, my time to sink is this day.

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3/366: steamboat

A yummy, filling, delicious, scrumptious(hehehe) steamboat in SS15, then a yumcha session(where only 2 person drank, haha)......... at Starbucks Taipan.

Just a joy to be hanging out with some old high school friends, and to meet a new friend!

What else do we talk about? Life, College, University plans..... and the fact that 5 of us in that picture is going to turn 19 this year?!!

I recently turn 18, so it's hard for me to accept that peers my year are turning 19.

2012, you're coming so fast ! Please slow down, so we may enjoy every, single, bit, of, amazingness, this, year, and, life has to offer !
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2/366: pets

2012, a resolution is to take care, cherish and love my pets more.

My happy old dog, HappyG! 

Random story:
As a kid, I used to long for a dog. My parents would not buy me any, so one day I wrote a letter to Jesus(funny right?), asking Him to please give me a dog for free! I even drew a picture of myself, my house and a dog in it.

Many years passed, I had a Labrador retriever, a shih-tzu mix, a pariah, and now a golden retriever ! Amazing ay? The most amazing part is that they were all FREE, gifts from our neighbour, my mum's friends, and my friend! Wee.

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1/366: amazing

The front seat view I had upon going for new year's eve dinner with the Fam!

A brand new year. I'm feeling so amazing. There's just been so much blessings already, that I can't wait to share about them all!

I was inspired by Syaza with her 2011's beautiful 365 blog! ! Her 2012's here!
So here goes my collection of this amazing year-to-be!

God bless everyone! *winks
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