Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10/366: bookselling

Today, I sold books with Paul and a bunch of college mates: Double parked for a few hours(as much as I dislike committing a minor illegal act)(dedicated ex-legal studies student, heh). Because apparently when we reached at 7 early AM, the whole stretch outside college was parked by cars! Le sigh right? Unbelievable?

Anyways... I was having an amusing dream... till my house phone placed directly beside my bed rang! Paul giving a wake-up call to me at 6am as I really need to get ready and going!

Reached at 7... initially selling at the bench outside college yet were shooed by the guards......... hence we have to come up with the "double park selling books scheme"....!

7am - 3pm plus: Sold 60% of the books (most are my friends') !
Super delighted as I never imagined being able to sell that much on the first day! You have no idea how many piles of books is with me, haha.

My goal is just to finish selling all the books, to maximize appropriate profit, suit consumers' interest, and be satisfied ! hehehe. Super grateful with other college mates that can tally together, share customers and share the "joy" of selling books. It's really a, new, experience.

Tomorrow: The final war begins!
"SAM BOOKS FOR SALE !" :D ....................... "lelong lelong !"



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