Wednesday, January 18, 2012

18/366: harsh

The above depicts what my day was like.

The girl is me: on one hand I hold a broken heart of my close friends', and on the other I hold a question mark as I don't know what in the world the heart breaker intentions' is. Whatever his intention is, I so don't agree.

My legs are quavering upon the shaking sea, as I stumble back and forth between the harsh realities of life.
Still, the bright sun shines upon me; reminding me that light overpowers the darkness, forever.

The small icons are what I've seen through my eyes today:
  1. A close friend of mine whom got her heart so broken, by someone I used to respect with all my heart. Now I don't even want to look at him anymore.
  2. A sinking friendship that I tried to save, but I can't anymore.
  3. Life is fragile. Visiting a sick patient in the hospital today remind me of my late grandfather who moved on from life due to a stroke last year. I cried.
  4. I can't stand a love of half the heart which is bigger, and the other smaller. It's just weird. I need to learn how to accept.
  5. If you see closely, you can see a "cross" in the background.
    Despite everything that happens, I'm still comforted by Jesus who never fails me. A university offer from Sydney U came today, and I'm really soooo happy about it.
    Plus I am grateful today for Paul who talked to me through the day, and Sam who sat a bus with me back from Pyramid. Grateful till after death.



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