Wednesday, January 25, 2012

25/366: banks

My first debit card.

Went to HSBC to bank in some money today.

I pondered a while.
I'm growing up. I need to manage my finance. I cannot just simply splash my parents' money.
I want to earn (or get) money, not for the love of money. But just so I can use my own money, to spend, for my education, and to shower the people I love with gifts.............. Does anyone out there share the same thinking as me?


I am grateful to God, and want to share of His goodness.

Last December, when I wanted to buy some Christmas gifts which was expensive, I barely had any money and did not want to ask my parents. Days later, my aunt gave me an Angpau out of the blue to reward me for my results. I was so amazed as the amount was RM200 (that's a lot to me!).

About another week after, a close friend of my mum gave me RM100 for my birthday; all this came in so unexpectedly and it made me soooo happy as I could buy gifts to shower some loved ones during the last days of 2011.

God is great, indeed ! :')

And yes, I gave offering with a cheerful heart !



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