Friday, January 6, 2012

6/366: award

Today I received my 1st and final award from Taylor's.

I'm immensely grateful for all my lecturers who have helped me throughout the 7-8 month journey last year, especially the lady in the background! She's my economic lecturer, and honestly she cared for me in ways that I did not expect. It was such a joy to see, hug, and talk to her today!

I couldn't have done it with the best class I could ever ask for! M3 ! 
Sigh, sitting there was a bummer as I thought bout Carolynn and Jia Yun, who's scores are in borderline extreme close to mine and also to be able to qualify for the award ceremony! I also missed Cai Ling and Li Lan as I know for sure those two deserve it! Although they didn't get it, but they almost got it, and they won the smartest students in my heart, hehehe.

Plus my whole M3, definitely, really it felt so lonely without you all there!!! Because in my memories, my whole college life was awesome because of every 15 of you at the end, plus the 3 who left us!

Although some of you did not get the results you wanted, and claimed that it was horrible; I still wanna give you all the biggest hug and say, "We still have Uni to prove our capabilities yo! ;D"

[ ---> M3, this blog post is too short to describe my real feelings about all of you, sigh! ]


On the other hand, award ceremony made me felt inferior and paiseh as I sat at the 3rd row from the back. I'm not complaining, as someone beside me agreed too. Yes, everyones' seating was according to ATAR, (lowest to highest: from back to front), and of course the back is starting from 90.00, therefore me at the back!

Watching people grab those merit awards, I sigh too as it was somehow a hope, that was buried to the ground.

90.55, not enough to pursue my dream degree at my dream uni, yet.
90.55, not enough for me to obtain a scholarship of my dreams.
90.55, not enough to make my parents absolutely happy. 
90.55, giving me what I deserve as I know I could have study harder still.
90.55, gave me the improvement I had since SPM.
90.55, giving me the best motivation to excel for sure in Uni.
90.55, miraculously allowing me to obtain a similar ATAR (honestly, who gets the same ATAR with 2 people they know? heh) with someone so close to me, and also with another person who used to be close to me.

Dear God, thank you for 2011, thank you for M3, thank you for my final grade, I'm still eternally grateful :')



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