Saturday, January 7, 2012

7/366: local_music

(photo thanks to Paul)

Just came back from Twisties Superstarz Grand Finale Concert !
Went there to support an awesome friend of mine, Nick Ng who made it to the finals!
He sang Sunday Morning and the classic Man In The Mirror which wooed the crowd!
Plus, my dear Julia who sang back-up for him! Hehehe.

I was suppose to go to another production in the afternoon but due to the need to take a train and monorail to finally reach KL Live, I had no choice but to forgo the other event, but really I appreciate my friend who invited me to that event that I missed!

Nevertheless, I knew why I had to be in the concert, it. was. amazing!
I believe God wanted me to be inspired by every person who performed on the stage tonight!
Just listening to the different genres of finalists comprising of soloists and bands (pop, rock, pop rock, pop punk, rap etc.) was soooooooo sweeeeeet ! I loved the atmosphere.
The emcees were great ! First time seeing Jinn from and VJ Holly, in my opinion they are both so handsome and beautiful and tall in real life ! Plus Jinn's emceeing skills is really, really solid. Respect.

Although at times I did not display my enthusiasm of pumping my fist in the air, or by jumping etc., but I really enjoy seeing my local people belting their hearts out, singing their lungs out, with music from all genres that I totally adore!

Today, I finally learnt how to sit train and monorail to KL Sentral, or Bukit Bintang, and to reach KL Live!
Today, I had an adventure getting lost around my own KL with Paul and Sze Jie, hehehe.
Today, I literally screamed my lungs out to support Nick, Julia, and Jeremy!
Today, I enjoyed laughing at random moments with Felicia.
Today, I was happy to meet so many high school friends again.
Today, I realize I have to support local music more.

First concert of the year, interesting indeed !
2012, to a year fill with exploring music, music, and music.

" music resonates with everyone, which is why we call it the "universal language". and every day i thank God that i'm a part of that language. " - hayley williams


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