Monday, February 6, 2012

37/366: last

It looks super small in the pictures, but its the biggest round-shaped butter cookies' box i've ever seen.

15th(last) day of CNY.

No, I didn't go throwing an orange in the river (yet it would be incredibly fun to throw 1 in with a fake name and someone else's number, heh).

4 memorable things happened today: 

  1. I drove for the first time at night (with my whole family inside).
  2. We almost crashed.
    For real, into a corner pavement with a tree on it, but thank God really my father and I steered the steering wheel fast enough to save us all. Long story, but really grateful for this night.
  3. A beautiful young lady told me of her inspiring story.
  4. My mum's friend and his son (my friend too) visited us at 11pm, yes p.m. !


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