Friday, February 10, 2012

41/366: grey

Watching my childhood favorite TVB drama: 'Gods of Honour'.

A lot of things in life are grey nowadays.

They are neither black, nor white; but they are stuck in the zone of grey shades.

Just like the character in the TV screen above; she was initially a very kind-hearted and beautiful girl. But because she was recognized with a fate that will ruin her whole country, she was treated differently and I perceive it as a form of bias. Long story cut short, she became evil....... But I still think that her personality is grey because of her initial goodness. We can't justify that she's completely evil because I feel that her base was covered with innocence. She was only ruined by the people around her. Therefore, grey, get it ?

Just like certain issues in the society, which I find lying in the grey zone. For example, homosexuality, tattoos..... etc. etc. My only point of view is that they are in the grey zone because there will always be people SUPPORTING it and AGAINST it, and at the end of the day............ it's like shades of grey because no matter how many people are for it there will still be people against it right? With all forms of perceptions and quotations people start to fight........... I just hope for more love instead of fights. Seemingly, I myself am actually grey as to not support or not to be against it, if you get what I mean.

Learning a lot about life, my thoughts could evolve.
A heart to learn, an open mind, and being grounded will allow this process to be not so challenging.
& never forget to love your neighbor as yourself!



  1. this is my childhood fav tvb drama too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! high 5!!! i m watching it now too! hahaha^^

  2. JiaYun, mine too mine too!!!! :D hehehehehe. great minds think alike :P


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