Saturday, February 18, 2012

49/366: avril

Sher & I after Avril's Concert ! :D
photo thanks to her

Seriously, I never expect myself to have enjoy Avril Lavigne's concert this much ! The fact that Malaysia was her LAST SHOW of her Black Star Tour, makes it even, even awesome ! :D

Been listening to her since primary, when friends introduced me to her famous singles like My Happy Ending & Complicated ! She sounds so SURREAL live. Will never forget all the awesome songs she performed, like Smile, When You're Gone, I'm With You, Don't Tell Me, Wish You Were Here......... and more !

The part when her band performed Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People was so cool too, as the last concert I went was Foster's :')

Sher and I were really blessed. We were just hanging in the regular zone, when during encore, the side gate was open, and we managed to run all the way, super close to the stage with other fans who did the same! Amazing moment to see her so up front, listening to her final, last song: Complicated.

Ahhhh... concerts really puts me into such HYPE. God is amazing for blessing me with the free tickets, and for Sher's mum to fetch me to and fro to Stadium Merdeka was so nice too! To think I almost decided not to go, I would definitely regret if I didn't.

Avril has inspired me much, seriously. In my own definitions, I have been upgraded from a mediocre fan to a hardcore fan (haha). 2nd major concert of the year, hopefully more to come! ;3



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