Wednesday, February 29, 2012

60/366: blessed

Today I was reminded by how blessed I am, as I held this necklace throughout the day.

Yesterday I went to surprise a friend, and I was soooooo surprised instead when I receive a belated birthday card, and this GORGEOUS necklace.

I've been wanting to buy a "camera" jewelry for some time but never got the chance to !

It is super belated, hahaha, as my birthday was in December. But it's so belated to the extend that I would have never imagined receiving any gift, hence being 100% surprised and happy ! :D

Happy, happy, happy girl I am.
Thanks *cough* to one of my haopengyou.


Leap day today. Was yours productive?
I spent mine over thinking. Desperately need change. Change, please take over.



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