91/366: pool

I'm blown away by this pool.

Who wouldn't love living here and enjoying this facility?

Anyone knows where this?
Anyone lives here?

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90/366: tuesdays.with.morrie

As I was hanging around Segi Damansara for the day, I decided to reread this book I brought along.

I actually wrote down some lines from the book that impacted me, literally.

Here are a few:

  • And I suppose tapes, like photographs and videos, are a desperate attempt to steal something from death's suitcase. (p.63)  
  • "You know what that reflects? Unsatisfied lives. Unfulfilled lives. Lives that haven't found meaning. Because if you've found meaning in your life, you don't want to go back. You want to go forward. You want to see more, do more. You can't wait until sixty-five." (p. 118)   
  • There is no formula to relationships. They have to be negotiated in loving ways, with room for both parties, what they want and what they need, what they can do and what their life is like." (p. 178)  
  • None of us can undo what we've done, or relive at a life already recorded. But if Professor Morris Schwartz taught me anything at all, it was this: there is no such thing as "too late" in life. He was changing until the day he said good-bye. (p. 190)  
  • Have you ever really had a teacher? (p. 190) One who saw you as a raw but precious thing, a jewel, that with wisdom, could be polished to a proud shine? If you are lucky enough to find your way to such teachers, you will always find your way back. (p. 192) 

Segi Damansara is quite unique.
Tuesdays With Morrie, is really one of the best books ever written, period.

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86/366: patty

Simple "fast food" lunch: Ramlee Burger !

Don't be shocked by the amount of oil that's oozing out from the patty itself ! Nope, I didn't add any oil !

I don't know if many of you know this, but unless you want more flavor (etc. using butter), you actually don't need to put oil when you cook (by grilling, or with a simple oven etc.) patty, nuggets, and sausages ! Perhaps even other alike processed food.

Because they already contain a lot of oil that will all flow out when you cook 'em and honestly I think that's sufficient... Adding more oil into it........ makes it so much more oily. Yikes.

I use a non-stick pan to do it tho... so hmm I'm not sure if an ordinary frying pan will work? Maybe not I suppose.

Grandma taught me this trick few years ago haha.

Don't be fooled by the scrambled egg behind. I declare it the worst egg I've ever cooked ! In reality it was horrible. The worst part at the end was when I intended to sprinkle a dash of black pepper on it, a spoonful of it flow out.........

The burger still tasted fine tho !


Today was weird.... Like a mixture of feeling productive and unproductive. How weird is that ? Maybe I'm still recovering from thinking a little too much. I've soaked my ears in some old songs again. Paramore, Death Cab, Katy Perry: forever and ever, really.

Taylor Swift needs to come to Malaysia also. So does The Script ! Ahhhhh

Need to sleep before 12 am tonight. I have hopes that tomorrow will be a BEAUTIFUL day ! *smiles

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85/366: lorax

Went to church in the morning with family, then went to look at some houses with mummy.

Came home to rest, then me and my brothers went to catch The Lorax @ Summit ! :D

Yes, it's a cartoon. But don't we all have that longing or liking to watch cartoon occasionally? :P

One major attraction I was drawn to watch the movie was that Taylor Swift voiced one of their main characters! Heh. My youngest brother wants to watch it so much too. The movie's filled with some moral values, and basically the whole colors and animation is just pretty to me. Cute and funny moments too.

Check the trailer here, the last part's the FUNNIEST.

& besides watching The Lorax, we spent random moments eating dinner, playing at the arcade (boys, *cough*), hanging at Mr. D.I.Y. and other random stores ! Yes yes I couldn't resist and I bought the flower above at Mr D.I.Y. ! :D Only when I came home I realize it's meaningful as it's like matching to the movie !!!

First movie watched in the cinema today (I'm shocked too), and loved today, really.

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84/366: pizza

Productive morning, weird afternoon and yummy dinner.

Forced myself out of bed at 8 in the morning despite having lack of sleep. If only I can be so moved EVERY DAY ! Must push myself more, eeeeeee.

Mum ordered Domino's pizza for dinner ! I'm amazed that actually its crust is tastier to me compared to other pizza outlets pizzas !

I adore crusts, I can steal other people' leftover crusts :P

I shall order more Domino's in the future. Because studying in the SS15 area last year....... I've been sucked into eating Pizza Hut more than ever, and I'm honestly a little sick of it ! D;

Tho there are memories of amazing people attached to it la ;)

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83/366: ipod

I spent several moments of the day to finally digest my thoughts about this week' 2nd round.

Once again, I thank God that I won. The down side is that I dropped from rank 12 to rank 75 this week ! Scary part is that I need to really push the limits as next week there will only be 40 winners instead of 80.

When I found out that I'm blessed with the chance to buy an iPod touch at only RM7, I should be happy. Yet instead I was sad as Sher, Paul, and my brother didn't win!

They surely are disappointed although they don't display it. I knew they were SO close to winning. The bars are set so high this week.

Then, I finally shrug off my sadness, because I'm comforted that one day Sher, Paul, and my brother will win something(s) they ultimately desire !

To finally understand that the thing about contests is that.......... there will always be winning and losing. I really don't know how to explain my situation (mum calls 'winning streak'), but I just want to give all thanks to God for all the opportunities and exposure.

To realize that I only won the contests that I deserve (or need) at that moment of time. This year I participated in quite some amount of contests... and I did win most of it, but I still lost the others (of which some crushed me) too !

And I'm fine with it. You know why? You win and you lose. Here I am praying so hard to win, and there's like so many more people out there praying too ! So when the results out and you did not win does it mean that God did not answer your prayers? No, because He knows what you need, and you will have your time of winning one day ! Trust me, you WILL !

Remember to only participate in contests that you really want to win, because if not you should give the chance to someone else who wants to win it! And also if you do participate in a contest, pour your whole HEART in it, because if you win, GREAT, if you didn't, FINE, because you gave your BEST ! Also, stay humble stay humble stay humble ! :) 

Such a long-winded post, apologies.

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82/366: sher

Grateful that Sher allowed me to hop to her house for 1 hour plus between the interval of my BSF class and a special BSF seminar today.

Sher has one of the warmest, cutest maid I'm sure. She's small size and funny!

It was fun participating in the contest with Sher.

Hectic day tho.

Zoning out

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81/366: iceprincess

Today was a day I slacked.

Was super unmotivated and lethargic............ hence I succumbed to watching TV, and found this old movie I purchased !

Watched the first half alone, till my youngest brother came home and joined me for the second half.

Few years ago when I learned some basic figure skating for a few months, I forgot whether it was this movie who inspired me to figure skate, or it was because I was learning it I was inspired to watch this movie!

Anyhow, it may seem like an average movie to a lot of people, but it is one of those movies that I will never forget as it has impacted my life in a sense. Even if it's just a little bit. My day started unmotivated, but now it's ending with sprinkles of motivation ! 

The soundtracks are awesome.

p/s Any friends who wanna borrow it? Just tell me! I'll be glad to lend you, meow.

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80/366: victims

Incredibly gloomy day.

Until I wrote a song, with the above sentence as my first verse' lyric.

Saw this quote in tumblr recently, and was amazed by the truth of it. Currently this few words that screams such meaning is carved into the depths of my mind as a constant reminder.

My song written was a dedication to those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts/tendencies.

If you are one of them, my heart goes out to you and I hope you NEVER give up in life, because you are truly LOVED, and depression may be recurrent (I poured my heart to research it on my English research project last year), but I concluded that it is CURABLE despite many arguments against it. Don't lose hope, slowly allow yourself to stop thinking so much and you will be set FREE. *hugs*

If I ever record it, I'll definitely credit whoever came up with this quote first.

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79/366: soup

My first time boiling soup today, grandma taught me previously!
Ironically I enjoyed chopping and slicing ingredients, then piling them up so that I can take a good shot :P

You do realized that the chicken meat above is already cooked?
Apparently my grandma taught me to boil the chicken meat before boiling it together in the soup: to allow its oil to flow out.
Why? So that the main soup itself would not be so oily ! :D Cool trick ay.

Ingredients above? Appropriate amount of chicken breast meat, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, carrots, garlic, yellow pepper, and 'big head vegetable' !

p/s: this could sound funny but I can't wait to cook soup for my future husband! *runs and hide embarrassed face*

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78/366: parking

My failed parking :(

One of the main reasons I seldom drive (besides not having a car) is because I'm definitely not well equipped in parking properly...

Need tons a lot more of practice!

One friend of mine was really nice this evening to force me to drive his car tho! Because he knows my fear.

I will improve.

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77/366: carls.jr

I had my first Carl's Jr. Burger today !!!

I'm so outdated oh my yes I know.

It's a little pricey............... but the burger portion is SO BIG (my picture is misleading)........... !

Juicy + big + satisfying burger = Claire's bloated tummy !!!

Weeee. But instead of the burger, the best thing I love was the french fries ! It's really tasty, a good alternative to McD ones!

Ju, Sze Jie, Pau and I were really blur heads as we didn't know drinks are bottomless......... Hence we each ordered sets ! ...............@#!@#!................. Now we know !  :P

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76/366: psp

Was shocked to find out that I placed 12 out of 80 in 7-Eleven's What's The Big Deal (click!) game on Facebook !

They contacted me and I am really happy that I would be able to purchase a Sony PSP at RM 7 for my youngest brother! He's been dreaming for one for ages, and this is really the ultimate amazing blessing. The cutest thing is that he already piled RM 7 worth of coins for me, from his savings!

Yesterday was the first round of the game. My brothers watched the video with me and we were like crazy excited people. We only had 2 chances (based on number of receipts).... hence I thought we wouldn't win.

God is so great, as I really for the first time did not expect to win, yet I did ! :')

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75/366: bakfoong

Today my grandma went yumcha with a couple, and she was so thoughtful to have bought me THIS !

Remember my post describing about period pain ? Hahaha click here for it !

This is one of the methods I've always heard for YEARS and never got my hands on it...... now I'm really anticipated to see whether it really works.

The ingredients are really creepy tho. Black hen bone was one of it........... creepy !

Grandmothers are so caring, nyehe.

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74/366: determination

Felt overwhelmed and felt like giving up a lot of things I was doing.

Found this old scroll I used to hang in the wall of my old bedroom.

Such a great reminder at the right time.

Basically when translated, the title means "Life's Goal", and the content is to not speak about yesterday's failure, to not dream foolishly about tomorrow, to catch hold of every moment in front of us, and to push hard towards our life's goal(s) in order to reap success.

Something like that, haha. Just reminds me of being determined.

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73/366: karaoke

Hahaha, thanks Sher for this shot of me!
Such a FUN day with Sher and Aly !

Aly suggested that instead of some regular yumcha, we should hang and go sing karaoke and we did ! We ate at one of my most favorite eating places, Wong Kok, and for karaoke we went to Loudspeaker @ First Subang !

Gosh I really really really forgot how FUN singing karaoke was ! Haven't did so for a few years.

We really enjoyed our time, belting our stomachs out, singing Adele, Avril, Kelly Clarkson songs....... to like those old awesome Chinese songs !

LOVED today.

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72/366: metronome

A million thank yous to Jon Ong, one buddy of mine who is willing to lend me his metronome ! :D

It's the thing above the piano there, shaped like a triangular thingy, it's like a thing that goes "tick tick tick tick", in purpose to assist in timing while practicing the piano!

Such a shame that although I've learned piano for many years previously, I was never asked persistently by any teacher to buy it and use it !

Hence my timing is sometimes all over the place, boohoo :(

But there's HOPE now :D Thanks to my incredibly fantastic new piano teacher, and my buddy who's willing to lend me his metronome for a few months period (so kind right?) ! Such helpful peopleee.

Honestly however........ the metronome is getting on my nerves as I used it a lot today................... because it can irritate your ears and mind :(  Just like what my piano teacher warned. Haha.

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71/366: full

Had a super filling dinner at Dao Rae, Taipan with the family for the first time !
I am ever in love with Korean food :')

Honestly I've tasted better rice, green tea, kimchi and side dishes else where.. but that's just me! Meowww.
But the barbecued meat is really, really tasty though. Grandma praises them to be well-marinated, heh.

A busy, exciting week ahead, I must be determined not to lose focus!!!!

Wishing you all a happy week !

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70/366: chop

Daddy chopping chicken.
This picture reminds me of my grandmother telling me random stories like her, being instructed to cook chicken by her mum in the past.

In those days she had to buy/catch the chicken herself, pluck all the feathers, cut the chicken.. then only the cooking process starts !

Such a tedious process...... society has really advanced.

The chopping board above was handmade by my late grandfather.. to realize that he was really skilled in making simple wood objects. We have some wooden stools and ladders made by him too.

Inspiring grandparents... are inspiring.

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69/366: apple

Finally managed to borrow this book !

"You Are The Apple Of My Eye" is one of the BEST movies I've watched last year ! It's hilarious, sweet, and heartbreaking at the same time...... reminds a lot of people of their first love, or their best high school years.

Spent most of the morning practicing my piano, will spend the next few hours continue to run around the black and white keys with my little fingers....... and indulge in this Taiwanese read ! Seems like there's so much more interesting scenes in the book. Nice.

Piano class tonight... yipee dupeee do !

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68/366: statement

Model of the day: The Fly
Material used: My dog's poop !

I took this photograph because I wanted to remember what my dog did today. He was making a statement to express his sadness, because I did not take him out for a walk yesterday.

So he chose to pooped on solid ground (when there's so many grass and soft ground around!), at the area where I would usually hang clothes washed !

Indeed he grabbed my attention, and this is not the first time !

I took more than 10 shots of his poop (haha, it's not really that disgusting if you don't think about it), and the fly was initially facing his back towards me, but turned around at one point and posed for me instead !

Insects: posing since the 1st century.

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67/366: grand

She's my only 'grand' left.

Don't you just think that old people are inspiring sometimes? 

Most (or some) of their nagging actually makes sense, and intend to help us.

Grateful that she's staying with my fam for 1 week or so, she pushes me to do the house chores that I hate succumbing to procrastination.

Double sweeping + double mopping my house's downstairs floor took 2hours45 minutes ! Ahhh.

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66/366: timing

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven" — Ecclesiastes 3: 1

Was hanging a large pile of clothes today and something about Timing struck me.

Those who deal with laundry daily will understand, that you need to wash and hang your clothes as early as possible because you don't know what weather the day holds. You hope, wish, and pray for maximum sunshine the whole day.

So some maids/mums I know, will wake up as early as 5.30am to 6am to start doing their laundry!

It takes so much dedication for that. And I'm praying for the same amount of dedication... Because there's just so much I need to do. One thing I'm inspired: We all have time. It's our initiation that matters.

And another thing about timing is, there is a right timing for everything. Sometimes we don't see the bigger picture, but the friendly reminder is that if it's meant to be, it will always come true regardless how many days or years. If it's not, it's not.

I could be praying for sunshine. But what if you're praying for rain because you need natural pouring for your plants? So who gets it first? Well: at the end there will always be sunshine or rain ! It's the timing ! :D

Don't let your time own you, you own your time.

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65/366: twenty

柴 米 油 鹽 醬 醋 茶
一 點 一 滴 都 是 幸 福 在 發 芽
月 兒 彎 彎 愛 的 傻
有 了 你 什 麽 都 不 差

柴 米 油 鹽 醬 醋 茶 , 力 宏 


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64/366: marching

cleaning + planning
Ahoy mates !

Seems that my March dates are not packed right ?
Nope, I haven't mark my dates finish yet yo.
Most people have been having this preconceived notion that I'm super free because I'm taking a gap year (break from studying: one whole year).

But the truth is, I'm not, really.
Shall not elaborate, but let's just say March is the beginning of the busy months I am about to venture in !

Have 2 surprise creative projects to work on this month :D
Y'all shall see it when it's done, hehehe.

& 3 other areas to focus on this month, pressure is slowly caving in, but I will march through this March !!!! Hallelujah !


Spent 4 hours cleaning the ceiling, the fan, the floor, the bed of my room.
I killed 2 spiders, I tell you....... if not for the cobwebs they built parading the four corners of my ceiling, I will do them no harm. But, le sighhhhhhhhhh. I don't like to be involved in killings of insects..

March march march ! :D

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63/366: leehom

I guess today I've been sadden by the fact that I've missed out on Lee Hom's concert. Been trying to hold my composure all week, by comforting myself for missing out, and not winning any tickets.

Do you know how expensive his tickets are, and that the cheapest has been sold out ? With others selling fast ?!!! Not every artist can manage to pull such a big crowd for Stadium Merdeka !!! Ahhhh.

The most shocking part was that the VIP tickets which is not for sale publicly, was selling in forums here and there for RM800....

Why is it that it's only upon nearing his concert that I became a bigger and bigger fan each day?

My Tweet - Will start saving up to buy the best ticket for whenever I get to see Lee Hom :') Probably need RM1000 as his ticket value rises ahhh

On the other hand, this video (CLICK!) which is also the one on the picture, has melted my heart and made me cry at the end! Super meaningful, and touching video.

I feel hope for forever love :')

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62/366: hungry

First time wearing my brother's checkered shirt, and my new lovely necklace, heh!

Have you ever been very hungry?

Did your stomach grumble? Felt empty within? On a more severe note, did you felt weak?

Today, I felt that way. Not physically hungry, but with my hunger for change.
Firstly, I felt weak physically in a sense that I thought I could not go on anymore, although I am still in the beginning. I deemed that I can't fulfill my hunger for change because it's too overwhelming. There's too many areas in my life that I have hopes to change.

But because I was, and am still hungry for change, it struck me that I can only overcome this hunger by feeding myself the change I seek. The hunger causes me to be weak, and my body feels lethargic; but the hunger is a drive that causes me to be stronger each day.

My mind has been unintentionally, and constantly being challenged to remember that I am this hungry.
And it seems that the weaker I feel (physically, mentally), the more I'm pushed to work for change.

"Let now the weak, say I have strength" — Savior King, Hillsong

C'mon Claire,
It's March already !
2012 IS your year of change, you didn't fight for this gap year for nothing ay?

"Marching in the month of March.
I was build for this.
I will come out victorious." — Ry-Ann
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61/366: burgers

Apologize for the quality of this picture, was too excited for dinner, heh.
AS = Ayam Special.
DS = Daging Special.

Nights like these my family eat dinner consisting burgers bought from the nearby roadside stall.

Watching TVB drama, while eating a burger = awesome.

Unhealthy = Yes.
Once in a while, therefore OK = Yes.

Self-comforting is funny.

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