Saturday, March 3, 2012

62/366: hungry

First time wearing my brother's checkered shirt, and my new lovely necklace, heh!

Have you ever been very hungry?

Did your stomach grumble? Felt empty within? On a more severe note, did you felt weak?

Today, I felt that way. Not physically hungry, but with my hunger for change.
Firstly, I felt weak physically in a sense that I thought I could not go on anymore, although I am still in the beginning. I deemed that I can't fulfill my hunger for change because it's too overwhelming. There's too many areas in my life that I have hopes to change.

But because I was, and am still hungry for change, it struck me that I can only overcome this hunger by feeding myself the change I seek. The hunger causes me to be weak, and my body feels lethargic; but the hunger is a drive that causes me to be stronger each day.

My mind has been unintentionally, and constantly being challenged to remember that I am this hungry.
And it seems that the weaker I feel (physically, mentally), the more I'm pushed to work for change.

"Let now the weak, say I have strength" — Savior King, Hillsong

C'mon Claire,
It's March already !
2012 IS your year of change, you didn't fight for this gap year for nothing ay?

"Marching in the month of March.
I was build for this.
I will come out victorious." — Ry-Ann


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