Sunday, March 4, 2012

64/366: marching

cleaning + planning
Ahoy mates !

Seems that my March dates are not packed right ?
Nope, I haven't mark my dates finish yet yo.
Most people have been having this preconceived notion that I'm super free because I'm taking a gap year (break from studying: one whole year).

But the truth is, I'm not, really.
Shall not elaborate, but let's just say March is the beginning of the busy months I am about to venture in !

Have 2 surprise creative projects to work on this month :D
Y'all shall see it when it's done, hehehe.

& 3 other areas to focus on this month, pressure is slowly caving in, but I will march through this March !!!! Hallelujah !


Spent 4 hours cleaning the ceiling, the fan, the floor, the bed of my room.
I killed 2 spiders, I tell you....... if not for the cobwebs they built parading the four corners of my ceiling, I will do them no harm. But, le sighhhhhhhhhh. I don't like to be involved in killings of insects..

March march march ! :D



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