Monday, March 12, 2012

72/366: metronome

A million thank yous to Jon Ong, one buddy of mine who is willing to lend me his metronome ! :D

It's the thing above the piano there, shaped like a triangular thingy, it's like a thing that goes "tick tick tick tick", in purpose to assist in timing while practicing the piano!

Such a shame that although I've learned piano for many years previously, I was never asked persistently by any teacher to buy it and use it !

Hence my timing is sometimes all over the place, boohoo :(

But there's HOPE now :D Thanks to my incredibly fantastic new piano teacher, and my buddy who's willing to lend me his metronome for a few months period (so kind right?) ! Such helpful peopleee.

Honestly however........ the metronome is getting on my nerves as I used it a lot today................... because it can irritate your ears and mind :(  Just like what my piano teacher warned. Haha.


1 comment:

  1. Never see that before.. but it's awesome besides irritating your ear and mind right? :P


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