Friday, March 16, 2012

76/366: psp

Was shocked to find out that I placed 12 out of 80 in 7-Eleven's What's The Big Deal (click!) game on Facebook !

They contacted me and I am really happy that I would be able to purchase a Sony PSP at RM 7 for my youngest brother! He's been dreaming for one for ages, and this is really the ultimate amazing blessing. The cutest thing is that he already piled RM 7 worth of coins for me, from his savings!

Yesterday was the first round of the game. My brothers watched the video with me and we were like crazy excited people. We only had 2 chances (based on number of receipts).... hence I thought we wouldn't win.

God is so great, as I really for the first time did not expect to win, yet I did ! :')


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