Wednesday, March 21, 2012

81/366: iceprincess

Today was a day I slacked.

Was super unmotivated and lethargic............ hence I succumbed to watching TV, and found this old movie I purchased !

Watched the first half alone, till my youngest brother came home and joined me for the second half.

Few years ago when I learned some basic figure skating for a few months, I forgot whether it was this movie who inspired me to figure skate, or it was because I was learning it I was inspired to watch this movie!

Anyhow, it may seem like an average movie to a lot of people, but it is one of those movies that I will never forget as it has impacted my life in a sense. Even if it's just a little bit. My day started unmotivated, but now it's ending with sprinkles of motivation ! 

The soundtracks are awesome.

p/s Any friends who wanna borrow it? Just tell me! I'll be glad to lend you, meow.



  1. Replies
    1. WAH!!! :D really bo? haha i will one day!

  2. hey is a good movie to me since the 1st time i come across it. I love dancing movies :) It makes me wanna ice skate too !

    1. when did you watch it?! yes me too!!! :D *high-five!*


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