Friday, March 23, 2012

83/366: ipod

I spent several moments of the day to finally digest my thoughts about this week' 2nd round.

Once again, I thank God that I won. The down side is that I dropped from rank 12 to rank 75 this week ! Scary part is that I need to really push the limits as next week there will only be 40 winners instead of 80.

When I found out that I'm blessed with the chance to buy an iPod touch at only RM7, I should be happy. Yet instead I was sad as Sher, Paul, and my brother didn't win!

They surely are disappointed although they don't display it. I knew they were SO close to winning. The bars are set so high this week.

Then, I finally shrug off my sadness, because I'm comforted that one day Sher, Paul, and my brother will win something(s) they ultimately desire !

To finally understand that the thing about contests is that.......... there will always be winning and losing. I really don't know how to explain my situation (mum calls 'winning streak'), but I just want to give all thanks to God for all the opportunities and exposure.

To realize that I only won the contests that I deserve (or need) at that moment of time. This year I participated in quite some amount of contests... and I did win most of it, but I still lost the others (of which some crushed me) too !

And I'm fine with it. You know why? You win and you lose. Here I am praying so hard to win, and there's like so many more people out there praying too ! So when the results out and you did not win does it mean that God did not answer your prayers? No, because He knows what you need, and you will have your time of winning one day ! Trust me, you WILL !

Remember to only participate in contests that you really want to win, because if not you should give the chance to someone else who wants to win it! And also if you do participate in a contest, pour your whole HEART in it, because if you win, GREAT, if you didn't, FINE, because you gave your BEST ! Also, stay humble stay humble stay humble ! :) 

Such a long-winded post, apologies.



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