Sunday, March 25, 2012

85/366: lorax

Went to church in the morning with family, then went to look at some houses with mummy.

Came home to rest, then me and my brothers went to catch The Lorax @ Summit ! :D

Yes, it's a cartoon. But don't we all have that longing or liking to watch cartoon occasionally? :P

One major attraction I was drawn to watch the movie was that Taylor Swift voiced one of their main characters! Heh. My youngest brother wants to watch it so much too. The movie's filled with some moral values, and basically the whole colors and animation is just pretty to me. Cute and funny moments too.

Check the trailer here, the last part's the FUNNIEST.

& besides watching The Lorax, we spent random moments eating dinner, playing at the arcade (boys, *cough*), hanging at Mr. D.I.Y. and other random stores ! Yes yes I couldn't resist and I bought the flower above at Mr D.I.Y. ! :D Only when I came home I realize it's meaningful as it's like matching to the movie !!!

First movie watched in the cinema today (I'm shocked too), and loved today, really.



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