Monday, March 26, 2012

86/366: patty

Simple "fast food" lunch: Ramlee Burger !

Don't be shocked by the amount of oil that's oozing out from the patty itself ! Nope, I didn't add any oil !

I don't know if many of you know this, but unless you want more flavor (etc. using butter), you actually don't need to put oil when you cook (by grilling, or with a simple oven etc.) patty, nuggets, and sausages ! Perhaps even other alike processed food.

Because they already contain a lot of oil that will all flow out when you cook 'em and honestly I think that's sufficient... Adding more oil into it........ makes it so much more oily. Yikes.

I use a non-stick pan to do it tho... so hmm I'm not sure if an ordinary frying pan will work? Maybe not I suppose.

Grandma taught me this trick few years ago haha.

Don't be fooled by the scrambled egg behind. I declare it the worst egg I've ever cooked ! In reality it was horrible. The worst part at the end was when I intended to sprinkle a dash of black pepper on it, a spoonful of it flow out.........

The burger still tasted fine tho !


Today was weird.... Like a mixture of feeling productive and unproductive. How weird is that ? Maybe I'm still recovering from thinking a little too much. I've soaked my ears in some old songs again. Paramore, Death Cab, Katy Perry: forever and ever, really.

Taylor Swift needs to come to Malaysia also. So does The Script ! Ahhhhh

Need to sleep before 12 am tonight. I have hopes that tomorrow will be a BEAUTIFUL day ! *smiles


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  1. You're making me hungry :p I wanna taste your cooking someday :P


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