Saturday, April 21, 2012

112/366: dimsum

Grandma is staying with us for a while again!

We went to check out the new Dim Sum restaurant @ Taipan— G Yi-Tang!

Their business is good. Customers flock in and out. I took so much pictures I should do a complete food review some day.

Sometimes I feel awkward taking pictures of the food. It takes quite some time especially for a perfectionist like me. I dislike glances from strangers, perceiving maybe I'm a show-off or thinking what's up with me! I distinctively caught a lot of people staring at me today......... But I should not care what they think. Or how they throw their eyes on what I do. Le sigh.

I have the most considerate family that can patiently wait until I've captured a satisfying shot of each dish. Probably due to the fact I've been pointing my camera at everyone's food for over 4 years now.



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