Monday, April 23, 2012

114/366: podcasts

Monday blues I had.

Loads of time in the morning flushed down the drain; endless useless thoughts and hopping from one app to another (on my iPod).

Till noon when I finally went to iTunes and decided to download some podcast ! A lovely suggestion from a friend. She told me yesterday that she can listen to 2 podcast session through the usual Malaysian jam.

I laughed.

& I am very blessed by this, really. Timing is everything and timing is amazing.


Contemplated to postpone or take 1 week break from piano classes as I was unprepared. Didn't want to just barge in class and present scales or exam pieces that were barely improved from last week. Felt horrible through the entire evening.

But the amazing miracle was that my teacher spent the entire hour doing Aural with me.... like seriously I was so shocked when time was up and she said, "See you on Friday,"............ and the second amazing thing was that I thought she would ask for class tomorrow, hence I prepared to tell her maybe Friday would be better. Yet I didn't even have to ask.

Incredible really. 

The power of prayer.


Finally went jogging with the brothers, after a very very very long time.



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