Tuesday, April 24, 2012

115/366: closet

You have no idea how long I've spent rummaging through my entire closet to clean it.

Finally amount to some success today. Everything's almost neat. Sorted out a lot of clothes. There are several small garbage bags lying around on the floor, that I've filled with clothes. On the other hand, I have some clothes meant for winter, and I'm like ugh... Maybe we should play pretend its winter some time so I can make use of it! Haha.

You might think the way I've organized my clothes is a little untidy.... But actually when you look through there's different kinds of hangers! From the left to the right, each section of the different color hangers means something different. Rawr.

Honestly do you think I have a lot of clothes? Comments please? I feel that some of us have clothes in our closet that we barely wear because they're actually really ancient clothes, or we've just grown so used to wearing our 'favorites'. & maybe we just don't have the time to mix and match? tell me your story.

I haven't sort out my dresses tho.. It's in the other wardrobe.. Yikes.. well thank God that there's just a few!



  1. Well yes I think that you have a lot of clothes. Hmm.. story ah? Don't really have a story.. but I'll tell you someday :)

    1. Ok!! Still waiting for your story :)

  2. Replies
    1. are you sureeee?? :p more than a quarter were hand-me-downs (:


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