Thursday, April 26, 2012

117/366: strength

Today I've been showered by strength everywhere.

Revealing that today is the second day of my menstrual period, might be a little uncomfortable to some of you. But really I don't know how else to express how grateful I am that this time I don't suffer from the previous excruciating cramps. It's still a little uneasy, but it's definitely bearable compared to last month! The precautions I'm taking are seriously working, and when I finally gather more details I'll write an extended blog post about it. I feel that I'm stronger, haha.


And day by day I am also reminded that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Finally!!!!! I managed to get my hands on The Hunger Games!!!! Hehehehe. Borrowed it from a friend's sister through someone else. Random but YAY!

Wow. I can finally understand why some book fans are unsatisfied with the motion picture. Because they did left out a lot of DETAILS !

Still. I adore the movie because I went in there with no hopes and came out with buckets of joy. The movie moved me. So right now I'm reading the book with a whole lot of anticipation, excitement and expectation..... And truly I'm intrigued by the left out characters and scenes.

The most fascinating thing to me is Katniss's strength. How she won't cry even though she should. How she has bore the burden of helping her mum and sister survived through the hardest times.

I'm only in chapter 10, but I'm blown away.



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    1. Thanksss!! I took quite some shots to finally get this :)


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