Thursday, April 5, 2012

96/366: me

(instagram pic, hehehe)


The past two weeks had been a little challenging. I found myself caught in a lot of deep thoughts. About everything; the past, the future, family, friends, music, interests, life, religion...... The good thing is that I'm not emotional but rational about it. Just that psychoanalysing everything is pretty taxing. Overwhelming.

I just want to be comfortable in being just me. The issue arises where at points I don't even know who I am anymore. I thought I've passed this self-identity search period like a long time ago. But I guess I'll just embrace these moments that will eventually allow me to become someone I'm happy being. Happy through the storms and rainbows!

Moments. Watched The Vow tonight. Inspiring. In the process of discovering herself(Paige) again, I find it soooooo touching that Leo eventually didn't force her to be who he would have wanted her to be. It might seem odd but his sacrificing love should deserve an applaud.

My ears are soaking into the perfect melody and harmonisation of The Civil Wars's Poison and Wine. The lyrics is what I call beautiful.

Alright, I will stay strong. Kudos.




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