Thursday, May 3, 2012

124/366: moon

The moon was astonishingly bright tonight.

Once I realize it I frantically asked my bro to Google "How To Take Moon Pictures"..... Haha.

The truth is, there's quite some settings prior to capturing a good moon picture using a DSLR!

But I'm only using the basic kit lens, that's why it's so small... Hmms...
Shall try my mum's digital' zoom lens some other night! I desperately hope that I am constantly motivated and moved to improve my photography.


Cleared some papers today. Sometimes I find myself having an extremely hard time deciding whether to keep or throw certain papers. Old notes. Random stuff people wrote. Random drawing. Event preparation' scribbles etc. etc.. I end up sitting there asking around the same questions upon each paper that I'm undecided: Will I need this in 5 years? Will I even have time to come back for this? In 50 years' time does this even matter anymore? Does this paper really record that special memory? But why should an important memory be based on a paper? How much time in my life will be wasted if I just keep looking back and holding on to these papers? Will I even have time? If I do, isn't it a waste of time to linger?

I have been rather silent today but my mind have been constantly thinking. Sometimes we hold on to the weirdest bits of items just so we can reminisce some familiar feeling. The past. The beautiful memories. The people we knew before they changed. It's so hard to choose which paper is really for keeps. Cards and letters I will never ever throw, but I'm speaking about papers. Those random papers we just randomly keep... Yet I still have my pictures. When I realize that once I have pictures, I can remember just enough amazing moments... I'm contented. 

So goodbye papers.



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