Friday, May 4, 2012

125/366: u-turn

not a u-turn sign, but its vagueness as in being a "half u-turn" is equivalent to the vagueness of this post

Nights like this I feel like I'm steering through a fairly unfamiliar road.

Everything's vague.

They say don't live your life pleasing others. But it can be seen as loving them because we're doing things to make those people happy. Or because we want to be accepted by them, simply because we accept them, hence we love them enough to want to do everything to make them feel comfortable about us. Even if it means risking our values? Losing ourselves?

Sacrifice versus obedience. Which is right? The saying goes 'Obedience is always better than sacrifice', but why do some people feel that sacrifices are more meaningful? Opinions please.

U-turns in life. Worth it or not.



  1. Sacrifices usually mean more because ultimately you only have one life to live. If you can sacrifice the needs of security and certainty, live on the brink - really, REALLY live - it'll be the one thing which would seem to matter more simply because you chose to do it rather than having your life written out for you.

    Good luck, Claire! :)

    1. Thank you, really needed this :')
      Thank you Shufei. Really.

  2. What I think about sacrifice is you really love something, or that person then you will sacrifice your time for them or sacrifice something valuable for them, maybe like life? But obedience.. you don't have to obey people on what you do except God on parents. But when you sacrifice something, you can also do it for God and parents. But for me, I think sacrifice is greater than obedience lah :)

    1. Thank you Sher! For taking the time to write this. Appreciate.


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