Tuesday, June 19, 2012

171/366: repositioning

Set this picture as my iPod's lock screen, so that every time I intend to procrastinate, I'll be somewhat reminded that I should be practising instead. Focus.

This picture was taken this morning at my family's new humble home. One empty house with only a piano, it felt like I was performing on stage where the sound was so loud, clear, and echoey. Creepy at first, but it felt wow later on.

Packing commences. I don't know how what where why who.... but it seems like I have kazillions of loose paper (printed, handwritten, empty) in my current bedroom....... even though I pretty much recycle a whole lot of paper about every beginning and end of the year!

Right now there's no time for me to select whats for keep, recycle, throw, and give..... but to literally chunk everything into boxes and boxes! Ok. The idea is to stack them all up to the top, in a corner of my new room.... And when my piano exam is over by end July, I'll unpack and sort hopefully one box per week.

Then, I'll be a clutter-free and organised princess.



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