Wednesday, June 27, 2012

179/366: countdown


......... My piano teacher asked me this morning.

Today marks One month countdown until my judgement day on 27/07.

I actually didn't reply her question.

Truth is, I'm not done with the exam syllabus. My fingers slip quite often into a pool of mistakes. I'm nervous. I procrastinate.

Yet I do have sprinkles of confidence within me.

After class this morning I came home and had my butt glued on the piano seat....... with short intervals of drinking water, reading newspaper, and random snacking. In jubilee mood because I am getting more focus (hopefully).

Despite lacking time, time, and time, despite not having enough stamina, flexibility and knowledge; what is delightful is that sheets of purely black and white music scores....... can actually produce vibrant splashes of colors and rich emotions..... when played with a whole heart, soul, and mind.


I am not prepared, yet.

But I will be.

p/s: FilterMania 2 + Snapseed + FrameMagic was used for this picture.... Amazing apps I tell you! ;D



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