Thursday, July 5, 2012

187/366: magical

(picture will be uploaded as soon)

tonight has been the most magical night, and if i don't write now, i fear i may forget what i'm feeling this instance, and whatever post after this attempting to describe what i feel now, could not match thence

death cab for cutie's transatlanticism is calming me,
as my fingers knit these
this song will never get old,
it's beauty transcends a thousand pop songs

to sum it all up i feel very blessed because of the small things that happened today
just grateful
through the tiny things that our love ones do
we can actually find blots and blots of care and love, all in disguise

bible study this morning, the hunger for God's word is growing incredibly
the piano tuner came after, i conclude that he's the best tuner i've met
my evening was spent admiring sunset, taking pictures with a simple camera that produced an amazing documentation of the wonderful moment spent
simple, affordable, fantastical thai dinner @ ihadthai, taipan

05072012, this special day was enchanted

& also because reading this just blew me away
the fuel driven to pursue one's passion, simply amazing

i'm so full of inspiration right now
as you've come to the end of this post, i intend to leave you nothing but hope

that if you have a massive dream, go for it
and if you're thinking of ending your life, don't.
until you're meant to

life and everything life has to offer.

i'm ready.



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