Monday, July 9, 2012

190/366: ET

Lemme explain counter clockwise!

1. Went to KLCC for the 2nd time this year. It's wow, because I've been there less than 10 times my whole life! Time to camouflage myself as a tourist.

2. The main purpose was to watch a family orchestra called "Orchestra from Planet X"! Super funny because it's catered to family, which means loads of kids, hence there were 2 mime performers as Aliens to shake up the usual serious, quiet audience. 2nd time seeing MPO after years. Great performance. Inspired once more...... Happy to have got the chance to watch an orchestra with the whole fam for the first time.

3. Then we ate 50% off price' dimsum @ spring garden! It's funny because after 50% off, it's still equivalent to 100% dimsum' price in Subang. Oh and that's the orchestra ticket I deemed cool to be placed beside the pork bun.

4. Beautiful lighting after entering the main entrance of KLCC!!

5. I've been wearing brown contact lens for the first time since a couple of days ago. You probably can't see it but it's interesting.



  1. That picture doesn't look like you though but you look pretty :D

    1. My hair got longer. The brown contact lens. Haha. Thanks!


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