Wednesday, July 11, 2012

193/366: dead

Today we finally finished clearing the old house.. Including bringing the fishes over..

Honestly I never expected them to leave.. As u can see from the picture, the 2 fishes floating on top are already dead. The 1 on the bottom was still alive.

But as I'm writing this, the only 1 left is already floating... Yet still breathing. The way he(or she) is fighting for his life really, really touches me.


So I drafted the above around evening... And right now I have to tell you the last fish lost its battle.

The hardest part is seeing someone die right in front of your eyes.

As we were clearing my late grandpa's old stuff.. I couldn't take it. Although he has so little things.

I guess the hardest part of letting go of someone who has left... Is when you come into contact with things that triggers your whole being into remembering them. Fragments of memories..... everywhere.

Appreciate everyone.
Including your beloved animals :')



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