Wednesday, July 18, 2012

200/366: diptic

Tonight, if you don't have Diptic in your iPhone/iPod/iPad yet, go install it, because it's FREE! :D

for a week or something idk but i've just been so happy since ytd when I accidentally found out that it is free at the moment !

usually it costs $0.99 or $1.99 !

I found out about this app months ago and wanted so bad to get it because it could make the edges of images round, just like the previous post's image! but I didn't because my iPod is not jailbreak-ed and I have not... Purchase any paid apps yet..

Hence when this happened it's like CONFETTIS all over in my mind!


Also, check out my currently favorite photography apps that I really wanna share too!

1. Disposable:
free app, film-like feature! for instance, you'll have to take finish 24 shots to be able to "dispose" your film/camera then only you'll get to view the pics! super fun for me. pictures has film-like effect which is YAY!

2. Line Camera:
created by the same company that made the LINE messaging app, this camera app consists many pretty filters, and many frames which i seldom use! And all the hilarious LINE stickers or beautiful stickers too! pictures taken are in the Instagram-square size which I love :3

3. Snapseed:
another paid app which i downloaded when it was free! really blessed because i was also eyeing on it after hearing that it is good, and the price is $4.99 i think! got the shock of my life then lol. one favorite feature i adore is that it allows the centre focus(blur strength).. and actually load more cool stuff which i have yet to discover!


random post... today i endured backache. and a couple more weird things.

waiting for the post man waiting for a parcel im waiting im waiting the wait is excruciating ahhhh




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