242/366: 12345

Just finished writing this down. Planning to read 1 fresh book per week until end of the year. Ironically if we count Dec 31st-Jan 6th as the last week, then I would have read 19 books which would be my age then! Hehe.

Funny how as I grow up I read more non-fictional books. But also less time and passion to read compared to years ago, sadface. Anyhow, why 1 book per week....?

As the title is 12345, I'm here to share what I've been planning to do:

Every week:
1 book to read
2 (to be finalised)
3 occasion' photos to be fully sorted
4 days to exercise
5 letters to write

Why? Just because scheduling this will hopefully discipline me and pull me away from that stinky thing call 'procrastination'. That i will be forced to prioritise properly. To do what's important, not urgent. My health needs to be restored, thousands(boo, not exaggerating) of photos to sort, knowledge needed to be absorbed... And yeah....

Hopefully things will work out.

Can't believe it's going to be September already.

Other daily things that is harder to have a fix schedule: chores, practice, housecleaning, meeting people, music, family....... Woo! Life with schedules and without.

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237/366: clothes

it was a fun day... dealing mostly with clothes.

today i spent most of the day continuing the de-cluttering process of my clothes.. and it's really time-consuming to try on some outfits, & look at the mirror to think whether i still need 'em... but really it's a rewarding process when i feel like i'm letting go of what i don't need anymore, and allowing other people that need/want them to be able to enjoy them!! :D i cleared my clothes months ago, but this time round it's a real clearing deal. now to think whether i should give them all to lessay salvation army or something...? (haven't tried SA before that's why), or should i ask my friends if they want some of the the still-good ones... like formal outfits, t-shirts etc? hmm... suggestions? ideas? stories?

still not done with them clothes, but will be finalising everything hopefully asap hehehe.

spent the night with mummy! quality mummy-daughter time..! went to Summit as she needed to print some photos using negatives! Summit has been revamped and it's stylish nice now!! we went to Salvation bookstore, and hanged around boutiques to kill time.

I tried this dress and it cost RM105 but I didn't get it.

Later my mum and I found real discount deals of other dresses.... And let's just say we're home happy.


Oh btw, convinced my mum to buy a book called "I Want To Talk With My Teen About Money Management"... Hahaha.

Mummy says I'll be a good mother next time but really, I doubt so, because I know how hard it is to stay sane as a mother!

I talked too much today!!!!! Sorry!!!!

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236/366: livestrong

I apologize for the crappy pic quality, hopefully soon I'll be uploading good quality pics again! No longer iPod..

Found this wristband I had since years ago. Can't remember when, and I don't know if "livestrong" has any other meaning.. But to me it's very empowering.

Wearing this for the rest of the week. Hopefully when I'm demotivated... looking at it will encourage me.

Life's a walk, a climb, a fight. Be strong because you have to.

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233/366: bookfest

(Monday, 20.08)

Just one of the things I bought today. It's been long since I bought so much stuff. I can't disclose the total damage done!


So many books, and books, and stationeries, and stuffs, and CROWD !

nicely organised really.

Great experience for anyone.

I'm so thankful for my cousins who brought me there. And because of my neice, we ate pizza hut for lunch and KFC for dinner... Hahaha.

And you don't want to know the amount of air I passed after I came home...

*cough* TMI *cough*

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232/366: dream

it's 1.27am and i should be running freely in dreamland.. but my tummy made empty urges... and i spiced up the weirdest supper combo ever! bak choy, milo, & a banana?!!



since last midnight i was dream-catching. every day this year i've been collecting tons of inspirations & had composed dreams (in my mind) during the free time i had.. & finally i'm penning down several small & big dreams that was always at the back of my head.

some are meant to be fulfilled by year end & some in the near & far future.

career-based. fun-based. passion-based ! wee.

one of them hopefully to be executed soon is my main blog.

blogging has inevitably been a part of my life since i was 14. there were years where i updated weekly, others monthly, and maybe even just a few times that year.

so much time, and effort, and joy invested that i can't give up on it. learned and grew. made friends thru blogging. had a friend who went around asking "so my blog is better than tziying's right?"

the blogosphere !

i used to blog about the casual things a teen would blog about, but entering "adulthood" and a sense of "maturity"... i'm now much excited to blog beyond "today... i this, i that" and all. nothing wrong about that, but there is more in my dreams...

determined to be followed up with my dreams.


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231/365: feast

Top 2: Korean set lunch!
Finally, 1st time trying out DaeJangGum @ Taipan! Worth it, only RM13 and it's filling to the core.

Bottom 2: Bazaar for dinner!
It's a bum that I've missed out the crowd. Yet the remaining stalls are still delish. Satay, lemang, ayam, apam balik.... Classic!

Yummy day.

The streets are half empty, safer to drive for an amateur like me, hehe.
Almost every time before I drive I seek God for protection.... amazing really because there were several "almosts" that I'm so grateful to have escaped!

My camera's battery charger is yet to be found!! The horror.
Distance is making my heart cry...


There's about 20 boxes waiting to be unpacked for keeps, throw, and give. Perhaps even sell. Remember my initial plan was to clear them throughout the next few months? Like 1-3 boxes per week?

That plan is SCRAPED.

I'll have to get it all done in 1 week! Or at most 2.

Because clutter is unbearable. And I'll need to move on from it all !

Woooooh. If only my camera is able to document the process :(((((

SelamatHariRaya, kawankawan.

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230/366: rain

"So, was it romantic walking under the rain?"

My father is the funniest !!

" let the rain fall down, and wake my dreams. let it wash away, my sanity "

indeed, the rain woke me up


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229/366: bones

currently i'm lying on my bed, contemplating whether to continue sinking into the depths of this book, which i stole today. interestingly, i'm not that guilty.

the first chapter is already so painful to bear. such immediate revealing details, unlike the movie.

come, tell me my rm25 flats was a steal. comfortable, above all.

nobody will ever understand, but really, i can't wait to leave a place where i'm sinking.

deep down the drain.
or maybe into a pool of light.

either way, giving up seems easier always.

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228/366: foldover


Collected my baby camera today, back from the hospital.

Can't wait to execute pictures my mind has been dreaming of. Distance really made my heart grew fonder.

Tried my first Chicken Foldover today! Yum Yums.

Extremely bloated after, sigh, my tummy needs time to grow back it's appetite.

Also, drove on the highway today.. Last time I did that was a long time ago. Malaysia is crowded with bizarre drivers!!

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227/366: renewed

(counter clockwise)

1. Thank God I'm finally healed from random sicknesses I've had for the past 2 weeks! They happened consecutively but some overlapped which was like double illness? boo. I went to the doctor's 5 times in 2 weeks, which is more than the amount of me seeing the doctor in the past 2 years!! Say what.

Here's what it was (in order, somewhat): Neck stiffness, flu, one-sided head pain, mild food poisoning, sensitive bowel, diarrhoea and finally fever!! I've never experienced most of what I've mentioned, which made things weird. They sound not so bad, but I tell you I had to resort going to the doctor's because it was really unbearable.. *sniffs* Diarrhoea was the worst because i despise vomiting. Lost of appetite was terrible, so terrible. Plus side of everything is: I've learnt A LOT. Doctor told helpful knowledge, health is important, need exercise.... Proper sleep & food.. (mummy's grounding me at the moment to eat home cooked food)..... And also to be touched by caring family & friends. Plus being able to rest and talk to God more. Yay for no more sickness.

2. Wee wee wee, so this was my tweet last night, so 2 weeks ago my piano exam ended & I ended up sick.... So many things couldn't be done/ate. Caught pretty much Olympics and I will blog about it! Anyway... This tweet is me being excited about the rest of the year, I'm planning so many things to be done: music, photography and art to be enjoyed, books to read, people to meet, places to go, projects to complete, clutter to clear, family to knit, stories to be heard, stories to tell....... etc etc ! Soooo excited because hopefully i'll be creating what my head has been holding up: a jumble of surprises..... and dreams and desires. And, remaining gap year goals to be fulfilled ! Things may fail, but things will succeed too !

3. This book !!!! Thanks to my awesome friend Felicia Low which probably appreciates the same kind of books like I do... This book is hers, and I'm only at the beginning but it's good. I'm absorbing well. Some people tickle at the fact that I am not sure what I want to study yet, and I'm taking a gap year? But hey, this gap year is amazing and I really needed it. I'm on my way.... I'm not completely directionless, I just think differently at the moment. *coughs* :p

4. I am showing off my long fringe.
I am goofing around.
I am vain, sigh. I apologize.


Sorry for the long hiatus, y'all understand right? But hey, CLAIRE'S BACK ! :D :D

To conquer what life throws.

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