Tuesday, August 14, 2012

227/366: renewed

(counter clockwise)

1. Thank God I'm finally healed from random sicknesses I've had for the past 2 weeks! They happened consecutively but some overlapped which was like double illness? boo. I went to the doctor's 5 times in 2 weeks, which is more than the amount of me seeing the doctor in the past 2 years!! Say what.

Here's what it was (in order, somewhat): Neck stiffness, flu, one-sided head pain, mild food poisoning, sensitive bowel, diarrhoea and finally fever!! I've never experienced most of what I've mentioned, which made things weird. They sound not so bad, but I tell you I had to resort going to the doctor's because it was really unbearable.. *sniffs* Diarrhoea was the worst because i despise vomiting. Lost of appetite was terrible, so terrible. Plus side of everything is: I've learnt A LOT. Doctor told helpful knowledge, health is important, need exercise.... Proper sleep & food.. (mummy's grounding me at the moment to eat home cooked food)..... And also to be touched by caring family & friends. Plus being able to rest and talk to God more. Yay for no more sickness.

2. Wee wee wee, so this was my tweet last night, so 2 weeks ago my piano exam ended & I ended up sick.... So many things couldn't be done/ate. Caught pretty much Olympics and I will blog about it! Anyway... This tweet is me being excited about the rest of the year, I'm planning so many things to be done: music, photography and art to be enjoyed, books to read, people to meet, places to go, projects to complete, clutter to clear, family to knit, stories to be heard, stories to tell....... etc etc ! Soooo excited because hopefully i'll be creating what my head has been holding up: a jumble of surprises..... and dreams and desires. And, remaining gap year goals to be fulfilled ! Things may fail, but things will succeed too !

3. This book !!!! Thanks to my awesome friend Felicia Low which probably appreciates the same kind of books like I do... This book is hers, and I'm only at the beginning but it's good. I'm absorbing well. Some people tickle at the fact that I am not sure what I want to study yet, and I'm taking a gap year? But hey, this gap year is amazing and I really needed it. I'm on my way.... I'm not completely directionless, I just think differently at the moment. *coughs* :p

4. I am showing off my long fringe.
I am goofing around.
I am vain, sigh. I apologize.


Sorry for the long hiatus, y'all understand right? But hey, CLAIRE'S BACK ! :D :D

To conquer what life throws.



  1. HEY, glad you're back & recovered!!! Didn't realise you were sick! D: My bad!!

    & hehehe the bottom right photo. So pretty. :)

    1. haha! it's fine!! i was quiet :p hehe!

      awww! more like vain :p thanks anyway! :D

  2. I wanted to ask you why you didn't blog for so long but it's okay. Welcome back! :D

    1. Haha, sick :( and wasn't determined! which was boo, now i'm back, yes thank you ! :D

  3. I see :X You're welcome :D


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