Monday, August 20, 2012

232/366: dream

it's 1.27am and i should be running freely in dreamland.. but my tummy made empty urges... and i spiced up the weirdest supper combo ever! bak choy, milo, & a banana?!!



since last midnight i was dream-catching. every day this year i've been collecting tons of inspirations & had composed dreams (in my mind) during the free time i had.. & finally i'm penning down several small & big dreams that was always at the back of my head.

some are meant to be fulfilled by year end & some in the near & far future.

career-based. fun-based. passion-based ! wee.

one of them hopefully to be executed soon is my main blog.

blogging has inevitably been a part of my life since i was 14. there were years where i updated weekly, others monthly, and maybe even just a few times that year.

so much time, and effort, and joy invested that i can't give up on it. learned and grew. made friends thru blogging. had a friend who went around asking "so my blog is better than tziying's right?"

the blogosphere !

i used to blog about the casual things a teen would blog about, but entering "adulthood" and a sense of "maturity"... i'm now much excited to blog beyond "today... i this, i that" and all. nothing wrong about that, but there is more in my dreams...

determined to be followed up with my dreams.




  1. Wow. Someone even asked that question in the past? I didn't know that but now I do. And yes of course I'll support your dreams no matter what! :D

    1. Yea, someone asked other people about that, and a friend of mine told me about it :/ Thank you :') one day we should all share our dreams.


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