Saturday, August 25, 2012

237/366: clothes

it was a fun day... dealing mostly with clothes.

today i spent most of the day continuing the de-cluttering process of my clothes.. and it's really time-consuming to try on some outfits, & look at the mirror to think whether i still need 'em... but really it's a rewarding process when i feel like i'm letting go of what i don't need anymore, and allowing other people that need/want them to be able to enjoy them!! :D i cleared my clothes months ago, but this time round it's a real clearing deal. now to think whether i should give them all to lessay salvation army or something...? (haven't tried SA before that's why), or should i ask my friends if they want some of the the still-good ones... like formal outfits, t-shirts etc? hmm... suggestions? ideas? stories?

still not done with them clothes, but will be finalising everything hopefully asap hehehe.

spent the night with mummy! quality mummy-daughter time..! went to Summit as she needed to print some photos using negatives! Summit has been revamped and it's stylish nice now!! we went to Salvation bookstore, and hanged around boutiques to kill time.

I tried this dress and it cost RM105 but I didn't get it.

Later my mum and I found real discount deals of other dresses.... And let's just say we're home happy.


Oh btw, convinced my mum to buy a book called "I Want To Talk With My Teen About Money Management"... Hahaha.

Mummy says I'll be a good mother next time but really, I doubt so, because I know how hard it is to stay sane as a mother!

I talked too much today!!!!! Sorry!!!!


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