Friday, August 31, 2012

242/366: 12345

Just finished writing this down. Planning to read 1 fresh book per week until end of the year. Ironically if we count Dec 31st-Jan 6th as the last week, then I would have read 19 books which would be my age then! Hehe.

Funny how as I grow up I read more non-fictional books. But also less time and passion to read compared to years ago, sadface. Anyhow, why 1 book per week....?

As the title is 12345, I'm here to share what I've been planning to do:

Every week:
1 book to read
2 (to be finalised)
3 occasion' photos to be fully sorted
4 days to exercise
5 letters to write

Why? Just because scheduling this will hopefully discipline me and pull me away from that stinky thing call 'procrastination'. That i will be forced to prioritise properly. To do what's important, not urgent. My health needs to be restored, thousands(boo, not exaggerating) of photos to sort, knowledge needed to be absorbed... And yeah....

Hopefully things will work out.

Can't believe it's going to be September already.

Other daily things that is harder to have a fix schedule: chores, practice, housecleaning, meeting people, music, family....... Woo! Life with schedules and without.



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