Saturday, September 8, 2012

251/366: CFmakan

Went back to my high school's CF makan. It's an annual event, the last CF meeting of the year.

Was blessed to be able to share a short testimony on how I was transformed from an incredibly shy and fearful girl, to someone brave enough to stand and speak in public; on how the blood, sweat and tears shed while I served was worth it; and how I considered lives changed a complete joy; all this I thank God because it happened during my 3 years in CF. I closed off with a simple hope, that one day each one of them would leave high school with a testimony that God has changed their lives, small or big.

Paul then shared a message on Fulfilling dreams and hopes. It was so funny, he's an engaging speaker. And I'm just so blessed to learn from him :')

Eating, catching up with juniors/seniors/teacher: YAY!
Clearing up after it all: boo :P


Bathed, walked my dog.

Been able to chat with some people as I messaged them to help Like a picture for a contest on Facebook........ catching up is nice.

I'm walking down memory lane :'3



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