Sunday, October 14, 2012

288/366: maybe

maybe it's finally time to not run away from this blog.
maybe it's fine that i deleted 170 blogs from my google reader recently, just because i need a time out.
and somehow because i feel that if the blogs i used to subscribe to really matter, i'll remember their link.... or to google their link, and i would subscribe to them again when i restart.
maybe it's okay to feel hurt from the way things are, and how some friends are. maybe it's true that we don't wake up everyday to please everyone.
maybe it's fine for me to mention here that i'm really blessed, and grateful to God at the end of each day, no matter what happens.
maybe it's completely normal to want to have less of an online presence.
and maybe, in the process of all the maybe's, and more maybe's: that maybe, once upon a time what my English primary teacher told me is true:

that maybe actually means 70% yes.



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