60/366: blessed

Today I was reminded by how blessed I am, as I held this necklace throughout the day.

Yesterday I went to surprise a friend, and I was soooooo surprised instead when I receive a belated birthday card, and this GORGEOUS necklace.

I've been wanting to buy a "camera" jewelry for some time but never got the chance to !

It is super belated, hahaha, as my birthday was in December. But it's so belated to the extend that I would have never imagined receiving any gift, hence being 100% surprised and happy ! :D

Happy, happy, happy girl I am.
Thanks *cough* to one of my haopengyou.


Leap day today. Was yours productive?
I spent mine over thinking. Desperately need change. Change, please take over.

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59/366: christie

Christie is this beautiful girl, that you would tilt your head to the right and be melted by her radiant smile.

Christie is this hyper girl, that you can literally have the funniest moments, listening to (or watching) her expressing (express) her joy.

Christie is this innocent girl, one that is so pure to believe in true love.

Today, Christie turns 19.
Today, Christie received colorful balloons that fell from the sky, just for her.

Meet my amazing beautiful friend Christie, whom I am so blessed to meet today <3

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58/366: post

Is anyone as excited to receive post, just like me?

I have become the one who collects letters, leaflets, and leaves from the mailbox daily.

Today this came when the postmen rang my doorbell !!!! Still dressed with my night gown, I quickly and frantically changed into whatever shirt and shorts I could get my hands on, then I rushed to grab this evenlope.

Registered Post International ! Hello...... You don't get this everyday :D
I attempted to figure which of my oversea friends would post me anything, but as I realize it was just a confirmation letter of my university deferment, I laughed.

Monash Melbourne is really really really good at marketing. I've already received my deferment confirmation  to 2 e-mails, and they now post me the exact same thing !

Makes me wonder whether I should go to Monash or not............... !

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57/366: acts

Attended Acts Church' Sunday Service for the first time.

It was their 12 anniversary today. It was indeed an ACTSperience, haha.

Came home to found out on Facebook, that one of my friend visited the church too!! Shocked as I didn't get to see him. Probably because the church is filled with sooo many people that it was impossible for us to meet even just for a split second. Haha.

I've been hungry for change in my life.
Today I experienced some joy of it.

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56/366: childhood

This was the garden where I roamed around when I was about 6 to 11 years old.

Everything was larger to me back then. Walking around my backyard was like taking a stroll in the jungle, such adventure......

I remembered plucking weeds. Walking in the longkang outside with my daddy for fun: he was gardening, I was "helping". Catching my rabbit when it's time to put her back into the cage. Catching my chickens (yes, for real...) too.

So many memories attached to this old house:
3 birthday parties. Watching Cantonese dramas non-stop. My first piano. Awesome lunches cook by my maid. Primary school. Ballet classes. Piano lessons. Playing in the sandbox. Sharing bedroom with my brother........

and all other vague pieces of the past, left in the unconscious mind.
I, am unintentionally reminded that my childhood was bittersweet, leaning more towards the sweet.

We went back to our old house today for the final clearance of stuff inside. For the past 8-9 years the house was rent out. This month, we're finally gonna let go. Despite so much unwillingness in the heart. Letting go, even of a property, or a non-living item in life is not easy. Because there's a string of nostalgic memories attached to it, that we just somehow find comfort upon remembering them. And we dwell in it, even just for some moment.............. Life?

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55/366: period

Period cramps, y u so pain ?!! :(

On the 55th day of 2012, I spent most of my time snuggling with my comfy blanket above ! Just to beat off the horrible feeling of the cramps, and to rejuvenate from all my energy that seems to be absorbed away.

I am reminded of several ways to reduce menstrual pain:
  1. Minimize consumption of cold food and drinks.
  2. Minimize consumption of cooling fruits (etc. Pineapple, Guava..)
  3. Exercise regularly.
  4. Drinking some Chinese herbal thing call "pak zhan" when the period finishes each month.
  5. Consuming Bak Foong pills.
  6. Sleeping early and waking up early.
  7. Bathing with warm water.

I hereby promise (or attempt to) fulfill most of what I just mentioned. Feeling down, low and unproductive, while experiencing the cramps....... just makes me feel blehhhh. No more pink Panadol tablets because it should be unhealthy in the long run ! I've also consulted some of my friends who take Bak Foong pills... they say it really works but is it like, really healthy? Hmmms.

Any other ways you know that could reduce menstrual pain ?

besides removing the female reproductive organ.......... mehhh :(

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54/366: counting

1st meeting in 2012.

14-15 years of friendship,
and still counting !

Words cannot describe how much I treasure her.

It's hard sometimes, to make effort to fork time out to catch up in life.
But whether it's once a month, once every two months: it's always worth it because we'll miss each other already ! (or maybe just me, heh)

So which old friend do you need to catch up with ?

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53/366: vision

What is your vision.......?

My physical vision has been blurred a bit by my right spectacle as it is filled with scratches (process of fixing it).

But putting physical vision aside, let's talk about Vision; a target, a goal, a view of what is hope for.

We all need a vision. For our future, for our dreams, for our life.
It's important to make sure that our vision is not limiting us, but leading us ahead.

Having a vision is not enough, but walking, working and fighting hard to fulfill it means everything.
Through my spectacles the scratches and tainted blurs caused my physical vision to be affected slightly.
Same goes to life, I realize, that criticisms and people can cause us to lose our vision.

But we just gotta replace a new lens (change the way we see things), in order to reach where we are meant to reach.

Remember, to change the Way we see things, not What we see. For our Vision should be enforced regardless of circumstances.

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52/366: secondary

Finally went to my secondary school to collect my SPM and English 1119 certificate today !

So many memories flooded regarding high school.

Academically, friendships wise................. and everything.

Sad to have heard today that a (once) close friend of mine is attempting to wipe out all connections with previous high school mates.

Why do people change so much after leaving secondary school ?

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51/366: cry

Have you ever cried so hard till your heart hurts?

It was my first time experiencing it tonight.
Previously the maximum of physical pain or pressure I've ever felt from crying was to the extend of feeling that my soul has been torn apart, or that my bones were continuously shattering.

But to literally feel that my heart, was hurting to the core of it, or to say being aligned in the same outburst of pain my cry was unleashing......... it was so, awakening.
Awakening to a sense, that I realize I was thinking too much to have reached that emotionally overwhelming stage.
Awakening to a sense, that I could somehow understand, or catch just a glimpse of what it feels like to directly lose someone I've loved with all my heart.
Awakening to a sense, that I came to a conclusion that because of what I felt, the reason I have cried to must be so dang fudging important to me.

Which is true.

I cried tonight because of Lost:
#1. Once upon a time I had a massive dream about music. Along the years I was blurred from the vision I had. Meeting a new piano teacher tonight, I am reminded that my piano playing is rusty. The fact that I've stopped learning Grade 7 in 2008, and leaping to pursue Grade 8 practical exam in 2012 (out of a sudden)....... is a massive leap of faith. I would blame myself over again for losing pieces of my passion for music previously, if not I could have fought hard since the early years to excel in it. I don't ever want to lose music again. I can't. I've already lost ballet. And ice-skating. Which I will find again one day.
 #2. Remembering my grandpa, driving instructor and distant friend who moved on from life on earth... my heart breaks. Additionally, remembering that it took me more than months, or even a year to finally accept the fact that my old dog was lost (partly my fault)........ was excruciatingly hard. The truth is when you lose a friend, a lover, or a family member due to some argument/misunderstanding........... with one phone call or many measures to re conciliate: SETTLED. But when you lose someone to death, and when you lose an animal in real life, by no means, there is no way to settle it....... but just to pray, and to painstakingly leave the lost behind. No, I did not have any argument/misunderstanding with my grandpa, driving instructor, distant friend or my dog.... I just had words/things of appreciation unsaid :')  
To learn to appreciate everyone more in the future.

I'm fine now.
All this makes me a stronger person.
I needed this to be discipline.
& the lesson learned to be carved into my flesh and blood, in order to carry what I lost to be within me, in order to overcome of what's not with me.

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50/366: happyg

Can you see what my dog is doing?

My dog
(HappyG) is such a humble creature.

He was just observing the birds out there, without barking at them.

Honestly... when it reaches the day where life separates me and him, I'll seriously cry like no other.

Having experiencing 3 pet dogs in the past...... this dog is the most obedient and likable by everyone.


Today marks a great day for my family. A deal was secured, hoho.

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49/366: avril

Sher & I after Avril's Concert ! :D
photo thanks to her

Seriously, I never expect myself to have enjoy Avril Lavigne's concert this much ! The fact that Malaysia was her LAST SHOW of her Black Star Tour, makes it even, even awesome ! :D

Been listening to her since primary, when friends introduced me to her famous singles like My Happy Ending & Complicated ! She sounds so SURREAL live. Will never forget all the awesome songs she performed, like Smile, When You're Gone, I'm With You, Don't Tell Me, Wish You Were Here......... and more !

The part when her band performed Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People was so cool too, as the last concert I went was Foster's :')

Sher and I were really blessed. We were just hanging in the regular zone, when during encore, the side gate was open, and we managed to run all the way, super close to the stage with other fans who did the same! Amazing moment to see her so up front, listening to her final, last song: Complicated.

Ahhhh... concerts really puts me into such HYPE. God is amazing for blessing me with the free tickets, and for Sher's mum to fetch me to and fro to Stadium Merdeka was so nice too! To think I almost decided not to go, I would definitely regret if I didn't.

Avril has inspired me much, seriously. In my own definitions, I have been upgraded from a mediocre fan to a hardcore fan (haha). 2nd major concert of the year, hopefully more to come! ;3

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48/366: complimentary

Super blessed to have won free tickets to watch Avril tomorrow.

It was one of the hardest contests I participated (time-consuming and mind-boggling), and after that it was such a hard moment to find someone to bring me to Solaris Dutamas (have never been there my entire life) to claim it.

My friend, whom I shall call Jojo (hahahahaha), was soooo kind to agree to bring me there.
Despite relying on his Iphone's GPS, we ended up getting lost a bit around KL ! Adventure indeed.
Funniest part was when we reached, he recognized the area and recalled being there a week ago, funny lah !

Blessed day.

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47/366: BSF

Attended a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) introductory class at First Baptist Church with Sher today.

Quite an eye-opening sight as I saw hundreds of women(mainly middle-aged) gathering together in hopes to learn more about the bible. It's a weekly commitment, with free notes, group discussions... and all. It would be a good exposure for me to join in.

Frankly, not many people understand the need for me to have a gap year. For a simple explanation: before I proceed to University, I wish to invest or dedicate this period of time to what my heart really beats for. I know once I enter into my first year, I won't have that much time to learn what I really want to. Plus... hopefully this gap year will allow me to decide properly upon my future path, besides just entering into a degree for the sake of it.

2012 dedicated on: 
Relationships: With God, family, friends, and my dog.
Interests: Music, photography and art.
Knowledge: Improving English, cooking skills, and bible knowledge.

It's a hard journey as I fight against succumbing to procrastination, and laziness. Please God, shower with me more perseverance and strength.

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46/366: picoult

Spent some time finishing this book today.

Wow, Jodi Picoult's books are really engrossing. Sometimes I figure what inspires her to figure the whole story line as the way the story twists is really unexpected.

But somehow I find after reading 3 of her books (Change Of Heart, Sing You Home and Keeping Faith), they all seem to have common in revolving about Pain, Religion & Law.

That makes it predictable, and to a friend of mine: not captivating for her to read it.

I might be swayed by her opinion, but I think I'll hang around reading some other Picoult's book to finally give up, or to continue indulging in her collection of words.

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45/366: valentine

Happy Valentine's Day ! :D

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44/366: bihun

Preparation for frying bihun for the first time.

Today I concluded that frying bihun (or frying any noodles/rice etc.) is one of the hardest, tiring cooking to do ! In comparison with something else like Spaghetti. Meow.

My youngest brother can say the sweetest thing, like I cook better than my mum and dad, and I should go MasterChef.

Hahaha, he's so cute. I don't think I'll qualify till I'm geared up by age 30 or so ! Aiyo, just learn how to cook healthy and yummy can already lah. Everyone will be happy. Hahaha. I'm so Manglish in my blog post today, and random. I apologize for perkiness.

vday tmrw !

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43/366: cravings

When I'm camera shy, I always cover my face like that, haha.

Had a splendid dinner with a bunch of friends @ Nandos, Sunway.
Shall never forget the funniest moments of jokes, and yummiest moments of food !
Plus how we take advantage of the bottomless Iced Lemon Tea, hehehe.

Something which I don't understand is that every time after a Delicious Meal, I would have an after crave for it.. It's not good it's not good.

I've been craving for Korean food for days, and I had it on Saturday night but I'm still craving for it. & because of yesterday's dinner of yummy 1/4 chicken and side dishes which comprises of Peri Chips and Potato Salad..... I am now craving for Korean food AND Western food at the same time.

The horror when you can't satisfy your food crave :(

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42/366: farewell

It was difficult to bid farewell to my old piano, Handok.

But guess as someone close told me: it's time your old piano blesses someone else.

Hi, new piano, Kawai. I hope you'll treat me well !


p/s: anyone interested with this Upright Grand Piano above, (model: Kawai US-50) please do leave a comment as I'll be selling it end of the year :D Great condition !

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41/366: grey

Watching my childhood favorite TVB drama: 'Gods of Honour'.

A lot of things in life are grey nowadays.

They are neither black, nor white; but they are stuck in the zone of grey shades.

Just like the character in the TV screen above; she was initially a very kind-hearted and beautiful girl. But because she was recognized with a fate that will ruin her whole country, she was treated differently and I perceive it as a form of bias. Long story cut short, she became evil....... But I still think that her personality is grey because of her initial goodness. We can't justify that she's completely evil because I feel that her base was covered with innocence. She was only ruined by the people around her. Therefore, grey, get it ?

Just like certain issues in the society, which I find lying in the grey zone. For example, homosexuality, tattoos..... etc. etc. My only point of view is that they are in the grey zone because there will always be people SUPPORTING it and AGAINST it, and at the end of the day............ it's like shades of grey because no matter how many people are for it there will still be people against it right? With all forms of perceptions and quotations people start to fight........... I just hope for more love instead of fights. Seemingly, I myself am actually grey as to not support or not to be against it, if you get what I mean.

Learning a lot about life, my thoughts could evolve.
A heart to learn, an open mind, and being grounded will allow this process to be not so challenging.
& never forget to love your neighbor as yourself!

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40/366: tradition

Jean, KP, me
@ Wong Kok, First Subang.

I sat here, attempting to figure a cool metaphor to describe a friendship like the above; but i'm left with a blank brain from a jumble of attempts.

Perhaps it is true that the most meaningful things in life are indescribable? 

Truly enjoy yumcha (meaning: chilling with friends) sessions, where catching up, laughing, and making fun of each other produces random memories.

A toast to our "tradition", where we'll probably meet once/twice in the beginning and/or end of the year............. and still talked like we hang out regularly. Woohoo!


& yes, today was definitely productive!!!!! Praise God for lovely SUNSHINE = dry clothes = happy Claire, and yipeeeee for my first salary this year (just a 2 day job previously) !

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39/366: unproductive

Had an unproductive day today.... due to sleeping late and waking up late. Massive (than usual) headache causing me to feel restless !

As you can see, my to-do list..... only the 1st was done.
Ended up having naps here and there watching television......... Somehow I am fond of watching Kim K..... plus TVB dramas. Such difference.

Super unproductive, I feel like.... a sloth. Who in the world feels like a sloth? 

Change must happens tomorrow.

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38/366: provoking

Had a splendid lunch with my grandma, aunt and family @ Dragon-I, Pavilion.

I think I spent more moments taking picture of the food than actually eating it, like always.


Before lunch, I found out a terrible news that shook my whole being up. Few days ago I texted my former driving instructor a simple Chinese New Year greeting. There was no reply hence I thought he was busy.

While just roaming in Pavilion his wife called me and asked who I am... and never ever did I expected her to be delivering me the news of him passing away 3 months ago, due to heart attack.

Honestly, he was one of the best adults I've ever met in my life. Down to earth, hardworking, and funny. I never had a chance to thank him personally / go yumcha with him (as I've always joked to do so with him).... etc. etc. I cried, literally. I missed him.

Some people might not understand me being emotionally shaken up by this.. but for the past 19 years in my life I never had to deal with the death of a loved one / people I personally know up until last year, 2010. First my grandpa, then my old friend, and now my driving instructor. All came like a whirlwind.

3 amazing guys. I will have to write a song about death because there should me more songs about it, and I need to dedicate that song to these 3 people.

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37/366: last

It looks super small in the pictures, but its the biggest round-shaped butter cookies' box i've ever seen.

15th(last) day of CNY.

No, I didn't go throwing an orange in the river (yet it would be incredibly fun to throw 1 in with a fake name and someone else's number, heh).

4 memorable things happened today: 

  1. I drove for the first time at night (with my whole family inside).
  2. We almost crashed.
    For real, into a corner pavement with a tree on it, but thank God really my father and I steered the steering wheel fast enough to save us all. Long story, but really grateful for this night.
  3. A beautiful young lady told me of her inspiring story.
  4. My mum's friend and his son (my friend too) visited us at 11pm, yes p.m. !
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36/366: piano

Was at the piano exhibition @ Summit.

Most of 'em were 2nd hand pianos shipped all the way from Japan.
They took my breathe away indeed. Various sorts of brands (Kawai, Yamaha, & more...) with different sound boards, sound produced, color, design, and touch of ze keys........ !

Woah. Grand pianos are mesmerizing also. I think the oldest there was about a 100 years old.

Had to make the toughest purchasing decision ever, all within an instance.
So...... say hello to an owner of a new 2nd hand piano.

Mum gave me the toughest conditions ever. But I know it will be worth it. & I have to trade in my old piano which has been with me for 10-11 years. Sad to the maximum, but I guess just as People come and go, Pianos come and go too.

Funny? :P

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35/366: BBQ

CNY / BBQ dinner at my beloved pet brother's house !
Yes... I know who has pet brothers nowadays? But from years ago till now, he's one of the really few ones I still call "kor", heh.

Fun night, experiencing:
dirty (literally) moments of food preparation,
dirty jokes made during food preparation,
old friends,
burned chicken wings,
burned sausages,
burned balls (fishballs ahahahaha),
catching up,
laughing too much,
drinking too much orange cocktail,
standing eggs,
taking pictures,
cho dai di,
watching drinking games.......

Woo !

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34/366: CF

It was so amazing to see so much people attending Christian Fellowship at my high school, Seafield.

So much memories flood into my head as I was there, including the first time I went to CF @ 2008, when I was humbled by the opportunity to serve in the committee and Subang Rally @ 2009, when the seniors were pouring their hearts out to make CF 2010 Camp a success...... all this and tons more for the love of Jesus and people !

A bunch of seniors were back too, including Audrey, Nathaniel, Vincent, Paul and I.
Really nice to meet Puan Chow and talk to her again.

To this generation of CF: this is your time to shine. Take it, shine as bright as you can for Jesus, and prepare to be blown away by all that God has in store for all of you !

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33/366: superpau

The priceless expression when Mr.Paul Low is successfully surprised by us 2 hours before his birthday ! Yay ! It was so funny, I was still texting him as to where he's going and doing, so that he wouldn't have any idea what we were doing !

A million thanks to Szejie for allowing us to gather at his place.


Did you realize the Superman birthday cake on the picture above? 
Haha, and the super coincidence (or meant to be) that Julia and I are both wearing the same shirt hehehe.

It was such a FUNNY time talking to all of them, super banyak laughters and blur case moments ! Most importantly to celebrate this big boy's birthday................. wee.

We love you, Paul !

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32/366: twitter

YOOHOO ! I'm back on Twitter :D

And yes, I lost the iPhone 4s competition, but it's ok, 4s / 5 will be in my hands one day this year !

Prepare to see lots of spamming on Twitter, hahaha.

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