Friday, February 3, 2012

34/366: CF

It was so amazing to see so much people attending Christian Fellowship at my high school, Seafield.

So much memories flood into my head as I was there, including the first time I went to CF @ 2008, when I was humbled by the opportunity to serve in the committee and Subang Rally @ 2009, when the seniors were pouring their hearts out to make CF 2010 Camp a success...... all this and tons more for the love of Jesus and people !

A bunch of seniors were back too, including Audrey, Nathaniel, Vincent, Paul and I.
Really nice to meet Puan Chow and talk to her again.

To this generation of CF: this is your time to shine. Take it, shine as bright as you can for Jesus, and prepare to be blown away by all that God has in store for all of you !



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