Tuesday, February 7, 2012

38/366: provoking

Had a splendid lunch with my grandma, aunt and family @ Dragon-I, Pavilion.

I think I spent more moments taking picture of the food than actually eating it, like always.


Before lunch, I found out a terrible news that shook my whole being up. Few days ago I texted my former driving instructor a simple Chinese New Year greeting. There was no reply hence I thought he was busy.

While just roaming in Pavilion his wife called me and asked who I am... and never ever did I expected her to be delivering me the news of him passing away 3 months ago, due to heart attack.

Honestly, he was one of the best adults I've ever met in my life. Down to earth, hardworking, and funny. I never had a chance to thank him personally / go yumcha with him (as I've always joked to do so with him).... etc. etc. I cried, literally. I missed him.

Some people might not understand me being emotionally shaken up by this.. but for the past 19 years in my life I never had to deal with the death of a loved one / people I personally know up until last year, 2010. First my grandpa, then my old friend, and now my driving instructor. All came like a whirlwind.

3 amazing guys. I will have to write a song about death because there should me more songs about it, and I need to dedicate that song to these 3 people.



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