Thursday, February 9, 2012

40/366: tradition

Jean, KP, me
@ Wong Kok, First Subang.

I sat here, attempting to figure a cool metaphor to describe a friendship like the above; but i'm left with a blank brain from a jumble of attempts.

Perhaps it is true that the most meaningful things in life are indescribable? 

Truly enjoy yumcha (meaning: chilling with friends) sessions, where catching up, laughing, and making fun of each other produces random memories.

A toast to our "tradition", where we'll probably meet once/twice in the beginning and/or end of the year............. and still talked like we hang out regularly. Woohoo!


& yes, today was definitely productive!!!!! Praise God for lovely SUNSHINE = dry clothes = happy Claire, and yipeeeee for my first salary this year (just a 2 day job previously) !



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