Thursday, February 16, 2012

47/366: BSF

Attended a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) introductory class at First Baptist Church with Sher today.

Quite an eye-opening sight as I saw hundreds of women(mainly middle-aged) gathering together in hopes to learn more about the bible. It's a weekly commitment, with free notes, group discussions... and all. It would be a good exposure for me to join in.

Frankly, not many people understand the need for me to have a gap year. For a simple explanation: before I proceed to University, I wish to invest or dedicate this period of time to what my heart really beats for. I know once I enter into my first year, I won't have that much time to learn what I really want to. Plus... hopefully this gap year will allow me to decide properly upon my future path, besides just entering into a degree for the sake of it.

2012 dedicated on: 
Relationships: With God, family, friends, and my dog.
Interests: Music, photography and art.
Knowledge: Improving English, cooking skills, and bible knowledge.

It's a hard journey as I fight against succumbing to procrastination, and laziness. Please God, shower with me more perseverance and strength.



  1. i just attended something like this too. it's great that in the edge of giving up even before starting (cos the group thing scares me a little haha), i came across your blog. it's inspiring. i hope i'll manage to complete it :)

  2. Aw! I just attended my 1st group discussion today, and yes it's a little scary haha, but I guess it pushes us ! We'll get use to it! And I believe you can complete it! :D


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