Wednesday, February 22, 2012

53/366: vision

What is your vision.......?

My physical vision has been blurred a bit by my right spectacle as it is filled with scratches (process of fixing it).

But putting physical vision aside, let's talk about Vision; a target, a goal, a view of what is hope for.

We all need a vision. For our future, for our dreams, for our life.
It's important to make sure that our vision is not limiting us, but leading us ahead.

Having a vision is not enough, but walking, working and fighting hard to fulfill it means everything.
Through my spectacles the scratches and tainted blurs caused my physical vision to be affected slightly.
Same goes to life, I realize, that criticisms and people can cause us to lose our vision.

But we just gotta replace a new lens (change the way we see things), in order to reach where we are meant to reach.

Remember, to change the Way we see things, not What we see. For our Vision should be enforced regardless of circumstances.



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