Monday, February 27, 2012

58/366: post

Is anyone as excited to receive post, just like me?

I have become the one who collects letters, leaflets, and leaves from the mailbox daily.

Today this came when the postmen rang my doorbell !!!! Still dressed with my night gown, I quickly and frantically changed into whatever shirt and shorts I could get my hands on, then I rushed to grab this evenlope.

Registered Post International ! Hello...... You don't get this everyday :D
I attempted to figure which of my oversea friends would post me anything, but as I realize it was just a confirmation letter of my university deferment, I laughed.

Monash Melbourne is really really really good at marketing. I've already received my deferment confirmation  to 2 e-mails, and they now post me the exact same thing !

Makes me wonder whether I should go to Monash or not............... !



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