121/366: volunteer


Reading this brought me to tears.

The Star has been featuring Volunteer stories for quite some time now, and I really feel compelled to just get out there and volunteer for something.

Anyone of you volunteering (or might someday) ? For what?
Orphanages? Old folk's home? Building houses? Soup Kitchen?

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120/366: sakae

Another picture shot by my mum's new camera! >:D

Sakae Sushi dinner with the family and relatives!

Sometimes I feel sick of sushi, but other times like tonight I just completely want more.

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119/366: skin

My baby iPod is finally wearing a protective 'skin' ! :D

Yipee do !!

Bought it yesterday @ Machines, Mid Valley... but waited until today to dedicate this entire post to it !

After few weeks of scouting through random online websites to find some suitable cover, and also realizing that there are very very little stores that sell iPod touch covers........... I feel so relieved that I finally found one that puts a smile on my face!

Hehehe. Most importantly it protects ze precious one.

Always listen to your parents' advice! They truly know best! Because my dad advised me not to buy online ones when I actually kept prompting him for one that was selling for RM89.50 (excluding shipping fees)........... I felt so compelled to buy it as it included 2 screen protectors, a wiping cloth, and plugs to protect the batter and earplugs' hole......Yet he still insisted that for casing kinda items, it's better to see it in real life upon purchase. & yes, he was right because I got this for RM59 only (others are higher price!!), including everything like the screen protectors all..... !!! :D :D :D

Gah.......... I apologize for my broken English and emoticons everywhere, but really I AM feeling like a very happy consumer teeheeee.

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118/366: canon


This picture is very special because it is captured by my one and only, mum! With her new digital camera that she long hoped for.

What she purchased is really a basic point and shoot Canon Ixus camera (the cheapest model), where there's not even black and white filters, or just any unique modes to work with. But I'm rather impressed that it's neat. Looks neat, feels neat, and takes neat pictures! Heh!

Today I'm extremely grateful for one of Canon's salesman that explained thoroughly to me questions I asked regarding the lenses I was looking into. We need more calm, cool and knowledgeable salesmen around please!!

Canon Exhibition..... interesting experience.
Canon, you truly delight me always.

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117/366: strength

Today I've been showered by strength everywhere.

Revealing that today is the second day of my menstrual period, might be a little uncomfortable to some of you. But really I don't know how else to express how grateful I am that this time I don't suffer from the previous excruciating cramps. It's still a little uneasy, but it's definitely bearable compared to last month! The precautions I'm taking are seriously working, and when I finally gather more details I'll write an extended blog post about it. I feel that I'm stronger, haha.


And day by day I am also reminded that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Finally!!!!! I managed to get my hands on The Hunger Games!!!! Hehehehe. Borrowed it from a friend's sister through someone else. Random but YAY!

Wow. I can finally understand why some book fans are unsatisfied with the motion picture. Because they did left out a lot of DETAILS !

Still. I adore the movie because I went in there with no hopes and came out with buckets of joy. The movie moved me. So right now I'm reading the book with a whole lot of anticipation, excitement and expectation..... And truly I'm intrigued by the left out characters and scenes.

The most fascinating thing to me is Katniss's strength. How she won't cry even though she should. How she has bore the burden of helping her mum and sister survived through the hardest times.

I'm only in chapter 10, but I'm blown away.

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115/366: closet

You have no idea how long I've spent rummaging through my entire closet to clean it.

Finally amount to some success today. Everything's almost neat. Sorted out a lot of clothes. There are several small garbage bags lying around on the floor, that I've filled with clothes. On the other hand, I have some clothes meant for winter, and I'm like ugh... Maybe we should play pretend its winter some time so I can make use of it! Haha.

You might think the way I've organized my clothes is a little untidy.... But actually when you look through there's different kinds of hangers! From the left to the right, each section of the different color hangers means something different. Rawr.

Honestly do you think I have a lot of clothes? Comments please? I feel that some of us have clothes in our closet that we barely wear because they're actually really ancient clothes, or we've just grown so used to wearing our 'favorites'. & maybe we just don't have the time to mix and match? tell me your story.

I haven't sort out my dresses tho.. It's in the other wardrobe.. Yikes.. well thank God that there's just a few!

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114/366: podcasts

Monday blues I had.

Loads of time in the morning flushed down the drain; endless useless thoughts and hopping from one app to another (on my iPod).

Till noon when I finally went to iTunes and decided to download some podcast ! A lovely suggestion from a friend. She told me yesterday that she can listen to 2 podcast session through the usual Malaysian jam.

I laughed.

& I am very blessed by this, really. Timing is everything and timing is amazing.


Contemplated to postpone or take 1 week break from piano classes as I was unprepared. Didn't want to just barge in class and present scales or exam pieces that were barely improved from last week. Felt horrible through the entire evening.

But the amazing miracle was that my teacher spent the entire hour doing Aural with me.... like seriously I was so shocked when time was up and she said, "See you on Friday,"............ and the second amazing thing was that I thought she would ask for class tomorrow, hence I prepared to tell her maybe Friday would be better. Yet I didn't even have to ask.

Incredible really. 

The power of prayer.


Finally went jogging with the brothers, after a very very very long time.

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113/366: whales

Fun day out:

whales and dolphins, 

subway and chatime, 
clothes and dances,

fels and sams!

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112/366: dimsum

Grandma is staying with us for a while again!

We went to check out the new Dim Sum restaurant @ Taipan— G Yi-Tang!

Their business is good. Customers flock in and out. I took so much pictures I should do a complete food review some day.

Sometimes I feel awkward taking pictures of the food. It takes quite some time especially for a perfectionist like me. I dislike glances from strangers, perceiving maybe I'm a show-off or thinking what's up with me! I distinctively caught a lot of people staring at me today......... But I should not care what they think. Or how they throw their eyes on what I do. Le sigh.

I have the most considerate family that can patiently wait until I've captured a satisfying shot of each dish. Probably due to the fact I've been pointing my camera at everyone's food for over 4 years now.

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109/366: haircut

After BSF today, mum brought me to the salon where she left grandma for her perming of hair.

Randomly decided on the spot to cut my hair!

There does not seem to be much changes, but it's less bushy and I feel so much lighter! The hairdresser was so nice, she talked to me about my hair condition etc. etc.

I need to survey my friends on hair care.

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107/366: recovering

I absolutely cannot believe that it's been about 20 days since I last posted here.

The past 20 days has been SO challenging. So much and down moments. & honestly I've  been typing sentences describing how it was....... but I've been backspacing because it's just so hard to find the right words to define everything.

Just to make things easy: these 20 days I've enjoyed, I've suffered. I've got burned, I've learned. & I've endured.

I won't give up on this blog. I will slowly replace some of the older posts ya (some upsetting days I didn't even take pictures, I feel so sad now gahhh).

I'm still grateful for those reading this ay? :') Leave a comment to hola at me.... sprinkle me some dash of hope please :')


Today mum drove grandma up from KL so that we can eat dinner with her to celebrate her 82th birthday.

A jumble of things happened today... I don't usually list out everything I do in a day but... here goes:

  1. Woke up.
  2. Lying on bed, recalling some weird dream involving a special boy and Liam Hemsworth.
  3. Getting up, bath, read bible, prayed..
  4. Ate breakfast.
  5. Hanged around.
  6. Warmed up fingers on piano.
  7. Went for piano class.
  8. Came home, used comp and ended up doing what? I don't remember.
  9. Surfing on Instagram.
  10. Surfing on Appstore.. downloading weird games.
  11. Watching some Chinese television show describing skincare.. facial.. pimples.............
  12. I don't remember.
  13. Talking to brother.
  14. Wait I ate lunch long before of course.
  15. Lalalalalala fast forward went to WongKok, one of my favorite eating place to eat!
  16. RAINED.
  18. Cotton candy.
  19. Arguments.
  20. Make ups.
  21. Blogging..
  22. Scrolling..
This is honestly the weirdest and time-wasting post you'll ever read ! D:


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105/366: rings!

I am so surprised to receive these lovelies as a gift today ! :')

I've always wanted to buy a camera ring, but told myself whenever I stumble upon it on online blogshops... that I don't need it at the moment. In order to control myself not to purchase. But when this surprise came I really feel super ultra blessed ! Instead of 1... I receive 1 more........ and a beautiful flower!


A million thanks to one special guy and one special girl that made this possible.

My fingers are complete now.


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96/366: me

(instagram pic, hehehe)


The past two weeks had been a little challenging. I found myself caught in a lot of deep thoughts. About everything; the past, the future, family, friends, music, interests, life, religion...... The good thing is that I'm not emotional but rational about it. Just that psychoanalysing everything is pretty taxing. Overwhelming.

I just want to be comfortable in being just me. The issue arises where at points I don't even know who I am anymore. I thought I've passed this self-identity search period like a long time ago. But I guess I'll just embrace these moments that will eventually allow me to become someone I'm happy being. Happy through the storms and rainbows!

Moments. Watched The Vow tonight. Inspiring. In the process of discovering herself(Paige) again, I find it soooooo touching that Leo eventually didn't force her to be who he would have wanted her to be. It might seem odd but his sacrificing love should deserve an applaud.

My ears are soaking into the perfect melody and harmonisation of The Civil Wars's Poison and Wine. The lyrics is what I call beautiful.

Alright, I will stay strong. Kudos.


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94/366: aly

Today I had the utmost privilege of photographing my beautiful, gorgeous friend, Aly!

This is my favorite shot of hers.

She has beautiful eyes.
& hair.
& skin color.
& heart.


I'm still learning, not a pro but taking steps!

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93/366: collection

My dad brought me to KL today to collect these two from the 7-Eleven HQ office (won from their contest previously, read here and here).

It was a weird adventure.

Dad drop me then he went to finish his errands. I was alone while collecting it (took around half an hour), then I went across to Times Square... and walked around.

It's been years since I've been to that place, ended up being like some lost tourist roaming endlessly.. Times Square has seriously so much floors........ at the end I wanted to find a place to sit down, and I found myself ending up in KFC ordering something just so I can sit down and chill. Contemplated to go to Chatime actually but seems like nobody really sits there... (awkward for me to just wait..)...... and also Starbucks, but reality is I don't quite fancy sipping coffee alone.

After that I had lunch with dad in lowyat (weird place I tell you, they only have Premium Toilets which charge you RM1?!!!!!..... ended up going to some hotel to borrow their white throne, hehehehe). Went back home after and took the picture above! And about 10-20 more shots. Heh.

Seriously ze brothers and I were extremely jakun as the iPod is the first Apple product we (or I, heh) have ever own! & the PSP for my youngest brother........ meow.

Extremely grateful. All thanks to God! :)

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April Fools! :D

& the first night where I slept past 12. Eyes still awake at about 2am.. hence I text-ed Sher and asked whether she wanna watch The Hunger Games later today. sorta afraid that she'll assume i'm april fooling her(ha), but we went to watch and i'm blown awayyyyyyyyyyy

probably because i didn't read the book.

went in to the cinema with no clue of what's the story line is about despite watching the trailer... and i went out thinking like it was one of the best movies i've ever watched, seriously

i cried when katniss decorated flowers all around rue...

& the most random part: i went in rooting for liam hemsworth, but i left the cinema going gaga over josh hutcherson!!!! ahehehehe


Sher & I had the most random day, but random is good. Very good ;D

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