Monday, April 2, 2012

93/366: collection

My dad brought me to KL today to collect these two from the 7-Eleven HQ office (won from their contest previously, read here and here).

It was a weird adventure.

Dad drop me then he went to finish his errands. I was alone while collecting it (took around half an hour), then I went across to Times Square... and walked around.

It's been years since I've been to that place, ended up being like some lost tourist roaming endlessly.. Times Square has seriously so much floors........ at the end I wanted to find a place to sit down, and I found myself ending up in KFC ordering something just so I can sit down and chill. Contemplated to go to Chatime actually but seems like nobody really sits there... (awkward for me to just wait..)...... and also Starbucks, but reality is I don't quite fancy sipping coffee alone.

After that I had lunch with dad in lowyat (weird place I tell you, they only have Premium Toilets which charge you RM1?!!!!!..... ended up going to some hotel to borrow their white throne, hehehehe). Went back home after and took the picture above! And about 10-20 more shots. Heh.

Seriously ze brothers and I were extremely jakun as the iPod is the first Apple product we (or I, heh) have ever own! & the PSP for my youngest brother........ meow.

Extremely grateful. All thanks to God! :)



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