Went to the Australian National Maritime Museum today... Been long since I've been to one. So little time, insufficient to explore much actually. But what moved me was to read some history about Titanic. Listening to a tour guide imparting knowledge about a WW2 ship named Vampire when we literally toured around the massive ship... was cool. I will go back. I must.

When we came back to the apartment, this spectacular view was what I saw.

My mind's boggled tonight thinking about the future. This trip really opened my eyes.... I need a peace of mind.

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150/366: happy

It's the 150th day of the year. Celebrate by counting your joys.

Today I'm happy because:

1. Central Station:
Taking public transport is a tad bit expensive but the journey is exciting. Trams especially, since we don't have that in Malaysia!!

2. Zinc Cafe:
Ah! Seeing this puts a smile on my face because it reminded me of some close friends back home. My nickname is 'zinc' to some of them, and see, I apparently own a cafe in Green Square!!! Hehehe.

3. Camera Casing:
Finally purchased a fitted camera casing (Canon EH-19L) for my baby!!!! Been scouting Malaysian shops and websites (hard to find) and ended up getting it here because it's cheaper! Ye-ah! Satisfaction.

4. Bird Modelling:
I love shooting animals that are friendly, not afraid of me, and is willing to pose for me. Contented with satisfying pictures.

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149/366: stable

Feeling stable right now in 2 ways: my family finally bought a stable portable wifi thingy that allows decent internet connection as previous attempts to associate with Internet sadly failed, and also, am feeling not so homesick as the past few days, hence, secured !

(holiday in Sydney now)

Will be blogging with pictures taken from my iPod this whole trip. Yay exciting change!

Tonight while walking across this view I felt wow. I wonder if the locals of the city themselves appreciate being able to live in this kind of surrounding.

Ate Chinese food at Chinatown today!!! Yippee glorious Chinese food because my mouth has been buttered with western.... Anyway loads of walking today. Sore feet. To buy or not to buy boots!

The weather's colddddd ;(

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144/366: funniest

This photo is funny in reasons only we'll understand.

Tonight was one of the funniest outings I had this year. Number points for summary:

  1. Undecided for what to eat, discussed western japanese asian choices and ended up in a cute small korean outlet !!!
  2. Discovered my very very hyper obsession for pretty shoes and rings, not good at all !
  3. Self-control for not buying. 
  4. Random random random roaming around heeee
  5. Caught a glimpse of one heart shape red traffic light !!!!!! Ahhhh :D
  6. Bought my first pair of shoe in 2012 :3 
  7. Love sitting in her car.
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142/366: (out)comfort

ignore my weird face, the angle is unflattering for me hahaha, but this picture is really priceless..

(out)comfort = out of comfort zone

I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided that letting a waiter take a picture is perfectly fine

Not caring what others think
When they look at us
Because nobody else normally would ask the waiter..... I mean cause it's just some normal dinner...

But because the memory is for my own :')

Stepping out of comfort zones are great. I feel a tiny wow. More to times like this !!!

What do you need to step out to do? Just do it because you only live ONCE !

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140/366: of

Of the most random place to take a group picture ever!

Of calling it our usual place.

Of the most last minute form 5 class (or a quarter of the class) reunion. Of bumping into 2 other friends. Of gold chili and snowflakes. Of random conversations.

Of being inspired by Shufei's "Of......." !

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139/366: grooming

So this is how HappyG looks when he is enjoying a car ride.

We brought him for his first grooming ever!

This is the before picture. No after picture sorry, heh.
He came home smelling the best he could ever smell. And being the most handsome dog in the neighbourhood !

Seriously, all dogs barks at him and he never barks at them when they do. I smell jealousy.

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135/366: bone

I don't know what I would be without him.
Through taking care of him I have learned things that I'll never learn elsewhere.

Gave him this bone today and he was munching it like it's the most important thing he has to do!

I recorded a video too!

Constantly reminded that as a human being, I have my family, loads of friends and people I can mingle around with. But for my dog (and all dogs), we're literally all that they have.

& to prevent my dog from being sad/get cranky/furious..... am trying my best to walk him everyday despite laziness, moodiness or busyness. & hopefully all you dog owners do the same!

Truth is, they probably love us more than we can ever love them back. We owe them love.

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134/366: mummy

To my most beautiful mum.

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133/366: passion.&.purity

I finished this book in the wee morning.

Memorable quotes: 
"But the things that we feel most deeply we ought to learn to be silent about, at least until we have talked them over thoroughly with God." (p.60) 
"Do something for somebody else. No matter who or where you are, there is something you can do, somebody who needs you. Pray that you may be an instrument of God's peace, that where there is loneliness you may bring joy." (p.80) 
"Let no our longing slay the appetite of our living." (p.80) 
"It's no use trying to measure suffering." (p.92) 
"If your goal is purity of heart, be prepared to be thought very odd." (p.130)
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132/366: mcd

I have a love-hate relationship with McD.

When I was in primary 6, I stayed back everyday after class until 6pm. McD was nearby, and the people I used to hang with went there constantly. For everything and anything.

& 7-11. For snacks, and mainly cup mee.

Seriously I think I drank more than 100 cups of McD coke that whole year.... and excluding the frequent free refills? At least 1 refill each time. If only I loathed it, I would have stop myself.

But I didn't. Only until after that year.

One reason I blame for my stunt growth. Other than that, it's a good sacrifice. Now I control my carbonated drinks as possible. Like tonight I'm reminded that I can't stand more than 1 cup...

What is that one unhealthy food/drink that had a side effect on you?

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131/366: fit

Dear Claire,

If you're reading this now just to recollect back what you wrote..

Please do carry in your heart and  mind that you are exercising(hopefully) to stay fit. Not to become thin. It is unhealthy to constantly be over-conscious about your body weight.

Don't be confused when a few people tell you that you should lost weight, yet some other say that you need to gain weight. Don't be confused. Just love your body please.

& it's okay to crave for KFC, Sushi and Nandos.

Just stay healthy.
& healthy.

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130/366: bruises

the darkest days won't hurt
because she's past feeling
call it strength
call it pride
, anything you like

in the end
everything fades
except the fuel
within her

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129/366: packing

Sometimes packing is fun.

We rid things we don't need.
We find things that used to define our lives.
Or time.

We find junk.

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128/366: sparks

Tonight's moon was incredible.
The above picture is zoomed in from the original. No edits besides the zooming.

This picture still does no justice, because if you were to experience the beauty of the moon tonight, you won't sleep.

Given a choice, we would all camp out in open grass, glancing at the sky till our eyes fail us.
With our loved ones all lying with us.


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127/366: sXe

Last night's moon.
(shot with mum's canon ixus 115,
zoom to the max if i remembered correctly, :D)
Thoughts on straight edge.
Thoughts on alcohol.
Thoughts on peer pressure.

"If you have a sip of alcohol, make sure it's for yourself."

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126/366: double2

I love sitting in the front seat.

No matter with who.

There's so much laughter. If there's music, singing or making fun to it. If there's not, just conversations and cracks of endless jokes.

This evening was amazing.
I got to witness a glimpse of sunset in the most unexpected, breathtaking place.
& dinner. Nandos for life!!! When I earn my own money next time, I'm stoked to go there once a month!


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125/366: u-turn

not a u-turn sign, but its vagueness as in being a "half u-turn" is equivalent to the vagueness of this post

Nights like this I feel like I'm steering through a fairly unfamiliar road.

Everything's vague.

They say don't live your life pleasing others. But it can be seen as loving them because we're doing things to make those people happy. Or because we want to be accepted by them, simply because we accept them, hence we love them enough to want to do everything to make them feel comfortable about us. Even if it means risking our values? Losing ourselves?

Sacrifice versus obedience. Which is right? The saying goes 'Obedience is always better than sacrifice', but why do some people feel that sacrifices are more meaningful? Opinions please.

U-turns in life. Worth it or not.

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124/366: moon

The moon was astonishingly bright tonight.

Once I realize it I frantically asked my bro to Google "How To Take Moon Pictures"..... Haha.

The truth is, there's quite some settings prior to capturing a good moon picture using a DSLR!

But I'm only using the basic kit lens, that's why it's so small... Hmms...
Shall try my mum's digital' zoom lens some other night! I desperately hope that I am constantly motivated and moved to improve my photography.


Cleared some papers today. Sometimes I find myself having an extremely hard time deciding whether to keep or throw certain papers. Old notes. Random stuff people wrote. Random drawing. Event preparation' scribbles etc. etc.. I end up sitting there asking around the same questions upon each paper that I'm undecided: Will I need this in 5 years? Will I even have time to come back for this? In 50 years' time does this even matter anymore? Does this paper really record that special memory? But why should an important memory be based on a paper? How much time in my life will be wasted if I just keep looking back and holding on to these papers? Will I even have time? If I do, isn't it a waste of time to linger?

I have been rather silent today but my mind have been constantly thinking. Sometimes we hold on to the weirdest bits of items just so we can reminisce some familiar feeling. The past. The beautiful memories. The people we knew before they changed. It's so hard to choose which paper is really for keeps. Cards and letters I will never ever throw, but I'm speaking about papers. Those random papers we just randomly keep... Yet I still have my pictures. When I realize that once I have pictures, I can remember just enough amazing moments... I'm contented. 

So goodbye papers.

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123/366: bach

shot with mum's canon ixus again! not bad!
Bach is seriously one fantastic composer.
The above piano piece I'm playing can be analysed into so many different sections. Unexpected to the maximum.
But it's really cool.

On this rainy gloomy day, I survived.... despite having headache.
Due to sleeping late.

Remind me again why are we a generation of sleep deprives ?

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122/366: May

I bought a new sketchbook !

The above sketch is really messy, but I will improve through time. It's been long since my sketching days. Hmmss.


  1. I finally release the updates of 13 overdue posts! (Yes, finally!) Click -------> 90, 91, 92, 94, 108, 109, 112, 113, 115, 118, 119, 120, 121
  2. Really wishing May will be nice to me.
  3. Because I had an extremely rough April.
  4. But still it was Beautiful.
  5. Through the pain.
  6. May May be great !
  7. Today I experienced the furious side of me. I dislike it at all. It hurts me and the people around me. 
  8. But thinking about my loved ones really cheered me on.
  9. Especially God.
  10. I will work so HARD this month.

Alright, a toast to the amazing May!

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